Canberra gets extremely cold in the winter. I once walked around the city at 630 in the morning. I had just bused in from Newcastle the night before. So I was dressed in Newcastle winter gear. A singlet and shorts….. I may have been wearing three layers when I should have been wearing 6. So I’m walking around and when Canberra is in winter, it is incredibly pretty.

Everything was crisp. It wasn’t entirely frosty but it had that pure smell of winter. It was uncomfortable. It was highly undesirable.


A week ago I sat in a room in Newcastle with over 80 people. We were dancing and singing and laughing. After a while we all sat down. I shed all 5 layers of clothing except the one that kept me from being naked. The room was warm.

Something about the human body gives out heat, reciprocates a hotness, produces warmth, when we are together. When we move together.

We huddle together in the cold times. There are definite seasons in the year that married couples sleep closer together, and others they most probably want to kick each other out of bed.

In community there are times where we need to be close. To share the warmth, to be incredibly intimate. To share aspects of life that we don’t usually share. Other seasons will be like summer. We won’t be as physically close. Our intimacies will look more like an outside bbq or a back yard soccer game. Still doing life together. Just different.

In summer if we huddled together a whole bunch would it breed intimacy? If we stayed apart, by ourselves, wearing our summer shorts in winter, many of us would get hypothermia and die.

What are we wearing in this current season?

Where are we standing next to each other. Do we need to hold each other more? Or do we just need to run around in the shortest of shorts?

One of the things I love about Canberra is that you know what season it is by looking out the window. Canberras trees drop their leaves in droves, They are naked in winter, They are pretty and colourful in the spring and it sucks living there in the summer.

The kingdom of God is organic. It changes with the seasons. We try to keep it the same but it just breeds an unengaged generica, that paints the God we follow in our hearts as a 2d pencil image we can manipulate.

What clothes should we change into?


How much should we dance? (next post)




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