A field over yonder

Imagine a flat field. Grassless, Treeless. Nothing. Expanse spreading out in all directions, to the extent that you can see the curve of the globe.

Add light. Light goes everywhere except when stopped. Shadow isn’t a thing. It is only an absence of light. You have light, when you put something in the way of light, shadows are produced.

This field is flooded with light. Warm, glowing, beautiful, comforting light. Completion. Into this perfect light is placed other lights. Little lights. They run around the field lighting, spreading the glow. Taking the warm light to all parts of the lighted field. Maximizing the lights.

Suddenly one of the traveling lights turns off. Now because of the amount of lights around, the field was still lit. Lighted all around. The light that became unlit still ran around. Another light turned off. And another, and another.

The unlit started to congregate. In bits and pieces shadow started to emerge. Standing in the way of light. Darkness is produced. Spreading. Multiplying. Being comfortable wasn’t enough anymore. Lights decided to be the opposite of what they were made to be.

Off when there was only an on switch. Cold when only warmth was designed for.

So we revisit the same field. Darkness reigns, and rebellious light is pushed to the sides or quickly extinguished.

The universal glow is still easily found if eyes were open. But they aren’t.

Suddenly the cold that stabs like a sharpened knife opens veins like a revelation. The warmth has exited living memory but the cold is uncomfortable. They know it is unnatural but what else is there?

It would take an outside light to relight, refresh memory and power the field back to its former glory.

When we stand in the way of  light we begin a chain reaction.

When we stand together in darkness refusing truth about us, darkening shame keeps us in the place of unrealized desperation. The blunt dullness that humanity easily gets used too and beings to think is normal.

How do we get out of the way of the light?

How do we show the light?

How do we let the light shine out of our pores?

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