The violence of God, the intimacy of Christ

If jesus was violent……

God is violent, he destroyed or empowered others to destroy, large sections of civilisation.
Therefore, as his children we should also be violent.

BUT – without being Gods ourselves, God isn’t a great example for us to follow because we are not like him. We may have mini
characteristics of who he is, but….

JESUS – human/God. The perfect man translation for us to see God. Flesh and blood, physical.

So we watch Jesus. – Did Jesus get violent?

Now as a tradie, wearing tiny shorty shorts and wifebeaters he most probably hit himself with a hammer every so often. As a gangly
teenager he most probably dropped things or kicked shins playing soccer or opened a door on someone’s face. But was he actively

Set the scene: Capitalism has once again decided to screw over the little man and have moved into the ordained part of the temple
grounds that non jews could walk into and chat with God. Selling things, trading livestock. Loud, busy – inhospitable. Jesus sees
this, feels empathy for those that are lost and designs a whip and makes a plan.

He walks in with the goal to clear house so gentiles could once again get closer to his Father. He whips cows and chickens and
pushes tables over and starts a ruckus.

Now is it reported that he did not hit people? No. Is it reported that he designed the whip specifically for humans? Not that i know of.
Did he push over tables that may have fallen on people by accident? Probably. Was there physical pain or fear involved? Most likely.

But did Jesus go out to be actively and physically violent to people?

Lets say he didn’t. Lets say Jesus set us an example of non-violence (which can be seen in his last couple of days, and his refusal to
let anyone with sin cast the first stone)
Lets say he just wanted to destroy the markets that were a stumbling block in the way of outsiders getting to God.

So the only things we as followers of Christ are called to be violent towards are any stumbling blocks to outsiders getting closer to

In hundreds of conversations with non-christians i have heard a repeating theme – “i love community/Jesus/love but i just hate the

People crave God. They crave intimacy. We have been designed for it. But, like the markets around the temple, the church a lot of
outsiders see today is just another business crammed into the slutty economy that tells our governments what to do and its people what
to eat and buy.
Business without Christ isn’t relational, because its ultimate goal is to make money. Most church growth that has been seen in the last decade has
been seen in populations moving from church to church and not from outside the church into the church. (the barna group for stats)

It seems we are currently competing for numbers and not relationship. We are competing for larger buildings and programs.

But when a group of people has the resources to solve hunger in everyone under the age of 10 (of which we lose almost 26,000 a day
through starvation) but instead decide to keep the lights on in a building that is used twice a week, the question has to be asked.

Does God want us to sell cows in his “house of worship” or does he want us to change the world?

In a world where a “christian” nation state like America, mounts a 2.1 billion dollar bombing spree over a couple of weeks, whilst not honouring any
of its promises to improve the lives of those who own no capital. One must muse about if anyone really read that book about Jesus? Or if they are too
busy reading Business 101?

If Christ’s only act of violence was against business, should we burn down every church building in the country with a shop in it?

Church isn’t a building it’s a gathering. an organic spirit filled, spirit led gathering. It needs to be less about learning and more about
praising God, loving him – corporately and let the holy spirit do his work
Hypothetically if we burned down every church building we would be left with a few large decisions.

We could collect enough money to rebuild the building – i.e rebuild the markets we built in the temple grounds.
We could use the money we usually spend on keeping buildings livable or
changing the communities we find ourselves in or
changing the world for orphans and widows.
We could rebuild COMMUNITY in different contexts that God calls us to rebuild them in.

Am i saying that church is evil and it does no good? NO.
Am I saying that we should actually burn down physical buildings? MAYBE.
I want to leave you to think.

In my opinion because of things i’ve read and seen in the world through the eyes of both my father and military friends:

Christs example calls us to be non-violent. Both through nation state but mainly through our own lives (but what if my wife is raped
shouldn’t i step in? – Sure. Because thats why war happens. Laying down our lives for others doesn’t look like us beating the life out
of a rapist)
Christ’s example calls us to rid ourselves of anything that is a stumbling block to the poor and oppressed meeting God. I think these
things include mass marketed, inorganic church, church as business, church oppression etc.
Christ’s example calls us to be available for relationship 24/7.
Christs example calls us to do NOTHING without Gods approval.

That includes violence, building stumbling blocks and everything.

2 thoughts on “The violence of God, the intimacy of Christ

  1. I like this… Church isn’t a building it’s a gathering. an organic spirit filled, spirit led gathering. It needs to be less about learning and more about praising God, loving him – corporately and let the holy spirit do his work.
    Have you read myth of a Christian nation?
    Also I found the email subscription button, for the win.

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