I got tapped on the shoulder and I look down and straight into the eyes of one of the cutest people I’ve ever seen. In the most broken English I have ever heard out of the mouth of a child he asked “will you play suerasbrosers with me” translated super smash brothers, the question I had been told to expect got me out of my chair and downstairs in front of a Nintendo 64 for the first time in probably 4 years. I had been informed that I would most probably lose every game legitimately because this child was amazing at the game. After beating him 3 times in a row I thought I would let him win so I started beating up the character in the game that didn’t actually have a player controlling it. I still somehow won.


Whilst I was playing this game that seemed to involve just kicking famous Nintendo characters into lava, to the left of me sat a second curly haired child. Even less English at his disposal he began one of the coolest illustrations of what the kingdom of God could look like.


The curly haired boy began to drag things in front of me to show them off. First he brought a weird plastic house with buttons all over it that made funny sounds. I found two ways to make him crack up laughing. There was a bird and an insect that made two noises that went together well.


After a few more fits of laughter he disappeared again to find a large and curly marble track. He then showed me how to dump 50 marbles into it, to make the funnest but loudest noise ever. Then stared at me as if asking “did you like that?” Then disappearing a third time from the now marble strewn floor to bring back a crystal. “Look at my crystal, can we put the crystal on the marble thing?”  he tried and it didn’t work. This tiny child who mere hours ago feared me just walking towards him was now obsessed with trying to impress me. And in the place in my heart that would really like children one day I was impressed purely because he was alive. That he spoke and walked and laughed.


Later in the week I was standing in a house that two amazingly beautiful people were moving into. We had spent the day traveling around the city they lived in, showing me where they worked, where they hung out, the places they enjoyed. Excited people excitedly showing me exciting things. None of these things could be made into a hit movie. But it was amazing.


Sometimes I feel like we need to be more like this with God.


“LOOK AT ME GOD look at what I just did!! I just made this for you, I want you to look at me and smile and tell me im a super hero. Celebrate with me.”


But instead, a lot of the time we hide from God. We feel like arrogance is thinking God enjoys us. BUT he does. Like a father that enjoys watching his kids grow up and learn things, he gets excited with us.


We can walk out into the street and yell “LOOK AT ME GOD” in fact he should be the first and sometimes only person we say that too. Instead of going for mans approval we should…….


Could we communally impress God. Could we wake up each week as the children of God and fight to do things he would get excited about and then tell him about how we did them. Then could we ask him what to do next?


How good would it be if our children asked us what we would like them to do? Wouldn’t our response a lot of the time be a quick – “go play outside?”


I think God tells us to play.

I think God loves watching us be victorious out in the summer breeze.

And when we find a weird ant, I think he wants us to run towards him and ask “can I eat this?”

4 thoughts on “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME.

    1. thank you. So do you believe our original design was more one of fun then work?

      “I love it when my son asks me just to sit down next to him as he plays. It reminds me of how much I want Jesus just to be next to me too.” – FB quote from??

      1. The quote is by Phillip Manginelli.

        Hm. I don’t like the word ‘work’ because I associate it with a boring 9 to 5 job that is unfulfilling and pays just about enough so that you don’t quit. (And no, I’m not saying ever 9 to 5 job is boring and unfulfilling. I work 9 to 5 right now, and quite delight in it. 🙂 But it can be.) I don’t think that was part of the original design, I don’t believe there was room for that in the Garden.
        I believe that the original design is about having and living out inspiration. Which often takes a lot of effort (I like the word effort). Living out inspiration is time-consuming, painful, physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding. It’s hard work. And it’s fun. It can co-exist. And I think God is into it.

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