Putting up your hand at church.

2 thoughts on “Putting up your hand at church.

  1. I have often wondered that as well. We can ask questions during Sunday School, which is typically about the same thing, sans singing. But when it comes to the worship service, we can’t disturb the preacher/pastor. I think it would be a lot better, though, if it were more interactive and we could ask questions, ask someone to clarify, talk about our thoughts, etc. Maybe then I’d want to sleep a little less. My thought is that so many churches, no matter how modern they look, still have the ceremonies and traditions that have been in place for years. We can’t ask a question during the sermon because NO ONE asks a question during the sermon. That’s the answer. It’s a ridiculous answer, but that’s the best anyone’s got.

    So… you going to change it?

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