Unique plants or carbon copied nerds?

When you plant a seed, the plants that grow have common traits. Common colours, textures, heights, widths. But like human beings there is no one exactly the same. Even twins are different.


Check these videos from you tube.




Depending on where you plant the seed, determines some things about how the plants will look. More sun, less sun, richer soils, other plants close by, the animals, etc.

Like community. Depending where you begin a community determines a lot of the shapes it will take on.

Where you meet, the size, the mixture of cultures. If you start a tennis club in a ghetto its going to look different to a tennis club in a farming community. Skill level, economic climate, coaching possibilities. And at the same time the two will grow differently. More sun – bigger plant. More tennis players, more possible growth, better quality because of competition…

So why is it that we can go state to state and walk into some churches and services are exactly the same? In completely contrasted environments and still the plant looks exactly the same? Come back to these same churches in ten years and we haven’t changed. The plant hasn’t grown any taller. The seasons change and the tree doesn’t look any different? Look at the videos. these trees change dramatically, they are different and would look even more unique if treated worse or better.

If God plants a seed in an area for a specific purpose, a specific people and a specific time can we not start from scratch in that individual plant?

God, how do you want our plant to look?
God, what do you want us to focus on?


What improvising looks like. (next post)




One thought on “Unique plants or carbon copied nerds?

  1. I believe if most of the church stay as a religion by man, God will not allow the church to grow spiritually. There is nothing about religion by man in the bible and for that we are to come together as 1 🙂 Thank you for sharing. I agree that we will grow bounds and leaps and change the way we are if we are truly “born again”

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