Face painting lady and kid vs capitalism: making no money from love.

Tricked into going shopping with a bunch of girls under the guise that “we would get coffee” and one of them is “marrying my best friend” and one of them “is one of my other best friends” I had enough of walking into dens of fashion and decided to sit outside and tweet funny stuff. Suddenly I get handed a stroller and told “look after my son”. A child who fears me because I am both bearded and a stranger who once nearly dropped him as a baby (babies hold grudges real good). So I agree under duress but make a conscious decision that I’d “look after him” by making sure he didn’t hurt himself, but other then that I would follow him. So leaving the stroller outside the shop we began walking. He stopped in front of a perfume shop and checked out the bright pink colours. We walked in front of many people who graciously let the little man do whatever he wanted to at whatever speed he chose.

We found our way up a ramp and into a large open area that was fronted by a face painting booth. He couldn’t read the sign so he didn’t see the 5 dollar sign. But he did climb on the sign and woo the face painting lady with his eyes.

Now she could’ve just been trying to woo his mother (who turned up soon after) into getting his face painted. But I didn’t feel like that’s what she was doing. She pulled out a bottle of bubbles and started blowing them. Encouraging sir “woo-eyes” to pop them. There was genuinely friendly banter. Some laughter, some fun, and then we walked away, satisfied by our fun encounter with the face lady.

The kingdom of God is like a shop attendant, who takes a few minutes out of her day to entertain a kid and the adults around him for no reason other than the enjoyment of others’ enjoyment.

We love because of love.

Can we love because we love loving?



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