Dancing like Fools.

When Randall men start to dance it is usually coupled with raucous laughter from anyone around. We are not very graceful in our movements (although Peter’s wife makes him look pretty good). But its also because we care little for what people may think of afore mentioned gracefulness. I have never spoke to Peter (my brother) about this, but as i was chatting to my room mate last night it dawned on me. Foolishness breeds hospitality.

Now when i use the word foolishness, i don’t mean it in the stupidity way. The unwise and clumsy way. I mean it in the anti-socially apt type way. The opposite of saving face.

Two situations

Evan once walked into a huge group of young people with a large cd player and turned it up loud. He started dancing theatrically, and some would describe spastically or foolishly. But he caught their attention. He caught their imagination because no one in that group would be caught dead in the middle of the circle dancing like that. Suddenly the music stopped and Evan was in the midst of the crowd, hand extended to meet and chat with as many of these young people as possible. He leveled the playing field. He shocked them with courageous tom foolery and won their instant curiosity.

My old room mate decided that he would have a short shorts party. The shortest shorts won a prize. As you can imagine, Canberrans have the whitest thighs alive. We don’t tan all that great, and we don’t wear underpants outside all that often. So, we turn up and everybody looked hilarious. We were all in the same boat, we danced and laughed and hung out. A night of foolishness and celebration of birth.

I feel like celebration, really genuine from-the-heart type celebration needs to carry with it a sense of foolishness. Funny costumes, and songs, and dancing that have no rules or legitimate steps – just movement and joy. Celebration usually carries with it a sense of overwhelming gratitude that spills over into things done in the spur of the moment purely because we are happy and loving it.

Easily, this overwhelm can spill over into drunkenness and debauchery and gluttony and all of the rest of the good stuff that comes with doing one thing to physically dangerous extents. “too much fun” Which carries with it the question – can you have too much fun? Is there a level of fun which isn’t “fun”? Thats what the kingdom of God is. Celebration that doesn’t turn into selfish insobriety. So much celebration that we turn our celebration from others to celebration internally and selfishly.

There is no such thing as too much fun as long as we keep the fun communal. (attempt to get around that, it goes to fun places)

There’s a saying that – we are fools for God. I believe foolishness breeds hospitality because it gives each other a chance to be ourselves instead of the mask wearing face that we feel pressured to put on. Because ultimately, “cool”, is a standard that humanity made up for elitism and the market. (huge anti capitalist sentiment, but fashion is just that. it has finished being a sense of creative and dived to a cycle of buying.)

I am clothed by shirts and pants i have inherited by others. I am shoed by my mothers love of bargains. My hair has been cut by myself and any people i find in hallways since my father stopped cutting it at 18 years old. I inadvertently act the part of fool most days of my life and it breeds a community of misfits and losers that I am honoured to be loved by.

We need to celebrate as fools. Get rid of the cool. And get comfy with being tools of God. To break the spirit of insecurity, superiority and loneliness that plagues our nations and cities and keeps us from being the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God uses clothes as a costume, cars for transport and colour to celebrate and worship Jesus, our liberationist.

Touring the kingdom. (next post)

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