The church of Nihilism and the YES MAN

“if I go to the king and I die then I die” – Esther.

“once my wallet told me he couldn’t provide for me anymore which was perfect because then space was given to God to become my provider.” #keltales

“Nihilism – the belief that there is no meaning, – without meaning one can throw themselves into things without a care, because everything is meaningless.”

I once heard said that humans are either bored or afraid. Bored because we are safe and have everything controlled to the way we like it. Security in our own hands – good job, paid off mortgage, retirement plan. We aren’t tested, we don’t grow, we get apathetic and bored. Or, we are on adventure, we are afraid, but excited about the possibilities.

As a young boy I watched the Indiana Jones Trilogy on the edge of my seat. How would Indy get away from the giant ball, or get out of the temple of doom, or find the holy grail? And when he found the thing he was searching for there was a sense of relief and victory, until the next scene when a giant snake would attack, or an alien? We watch these movies because deep down inside we were designed for something other then a couch and a television. We dream of being astronauts or pirates or ninjas. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars filming 3 hour movies about how this guy had to rescue this beautiful women, kept in prison, by his ex best friend with guns for hands. We crave the unreal. We wish to wear masks and ride horses around.

My favourite book of the bible is judges, because it is the ultimate adventure story. God designs and trains a ninja in chapter three, all the way down to his father being left handed. The Lord guides Ehud through security into the private chambers of an oppressive king, has him stab the fat guy in the stomach and escape through the toilet. Adventure, fearlessness, courageous and in some ways a tad humourous.

Esther walks into the kings court without permission, Abraham follows God around the desert, Joseph takes on the practical leadership of a huge empire. The stories rack up. We follow a God of adventure. Not tiny adventure either. Jesus didn’t go next door and hang out with his neighbours for all of John. Paul Traveled all of greater Europe, some of the apostles made it to India and further.

I currently work alongside a man who has been a missionary for 40 years. If you follow twitter at all his hash tag is #keltales. He has amazing stories, and experiences about God calling him into amazing situations. ADVENTURE.

My understanding of Nihilism is different to what the dictionary just told me. When I use the word I mean, when one considers everything so meaningless that they run full tilt into everything almost willing death on themselves. Jumping higher, running faster, saying yes to the most ridiculous. – Kamikaze.

Adventure is for the Nihilist. Do you want to go hunt a killer bear to save a town? YES. Because I just don’t care for my physical safety and it would be hilarious.

I feel like God dreams for us a positive nihilism based on our love for him. Everything else is meaningless. Our safety, our welfare, our security, our reputation. Is all meaningless. The only thing that matters is our fathers love. Our obedience. The adventure we are designed for.

Taking a stance of : YES GOD. I AM HERE, SEND ME.

The last 2 years of my life have been interesting. At my last birthday I said a speech that revolved around the truth that I haven’t done anything great, but God keeps asking me to do stuff and I keep saying yes. Now I have of course said no to a lot of things, but recently he asked me to lead 6 students into Uganda. I was a little apprehensive, but that yes got me to some amazing experiences and taught me a whole lot.

Just imagine a church of people who said yes every time. Every time he said ‘Go into the throne room and save your people from genocide” Every time he whispered “Empty your bank account and hand it to that lady” Every time he wakes you up in the middle of the night and guides you out onto the road to save the drunk getting into his car from killing his brother. Every time he gathers you with hundreds of others to keep an innocent man from being executed.

We would see whole nations revived and oppression removed. But even more – we would be obedient. We would honour our father.



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