Inter Praise.

The Kingdom of God is like a boat that doesn’t sail. On the boat are 100 people, all from different nations and cultures. Speaking different languages, wearing different clothes. But singing the same song. Praying the same prayers. Loving and serving

We went on outreach to Kyiv, Ukraine. And were told that the base there was on a boat. I didn’t really understand what that meant. We settled in and then walked down to the river. On said river we found… A BOAT. We were met at the door by a Russian speaking Australian woman. Our time together was lead by a Ukrainian speaker who spoke in English, which was translated into Russian by one woman, Korean to a group up the back by a young man. We then stood and started singing. In russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Danish, german and english. We then sat in groups and discussed what God had been doing in us and then prayed in the many languages. We were united. The boat was surrounded by the flags of the many staff who had worked with the base.




I also recently found myself under a tent in the middle of the Australian bush, singing praises to God with 110 people. These people were all singing in English but amongst us we had Norwegians, Austrians, Swiss, Fijians, Kiwis, North Americans, Hawaiians and a sweet Thai lady. From so many different cultures we praise God with one voice, united. The kingdom of God is not preferential outside of united praise.


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