My favourite food: the BIBLE?

Told to close my eyes.

To imagine my most favourite food in the world. – My mind went to Laksa.

Starting with the soup. The smells, the tastes, the heat, the colours. The noodles. The different textures. The different meats and vegetables. It made my mouth start to water. I thought about the good times had around laksa. The time in Dickson with Matt cooper, talking about life and love and the future. With Jeff and the Charlestown ladies, laughing, and laughing and laughing. And then Jess and the time she taught me by taking over the cooking and entertaining us with her quality creations. The food court with cookie…. I LOVE LAKSA. especially when i sit down in a foreign place like Singapore and the comforting smells of a laksa give me a little piece of home.

As i opened my eyes, the man invited us to tell the person next to us about the food we just thought about. So i looked next to me and was met with “Whats laksa?”. Later on the man leading us in the activity, laughed whilst he told us what our faces looked like while we imagined and then shared our favourite food.

This is the gospel. The good news. Because of my experience, i can tell stories for quite a while about the good parts of Laksa. I can cook a pretty good laksa in different ways so that everyone will love it. I can make is extra spicy or for my mum i make it NON-spicy. I want to make everyone love it because i love it.

Jesus. IS GOOD. I have had the greatest times in my life surrounding Jesus. Talking about him, working for him, creating with and because of him. I could share our stories for hours and after telling friends about laksa i should be able to convince anyone in the world of the good of Jesus, with my experience.

The kingdom of God is even better than Laksa.

God wants things completed on this planet. He needs our hands and feet. He also needs our stories, our words, our laksa.

I can share about laksa anytime of the week.

Why is it not so, sometimes, with Jesus?


Do we want FREEDOM? (next post)


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