House Shows Shows Households How to Hold Up

Theres some bands on this planet that reek of community. La Dispute are one.

Growing up in a scene that slowly died because of alcoholism and a firm commitment to hate children i became fascinated with a house show culture that began to spring up in Canberra.




Bands ceased to have places to play, so a few guys began to open their homes. The feeling in a house show is incredible. Read any biographies or docos on bands like Thursday, and its in the house show that huge bands cut their teeth and become gritty and raw and committed to playing anywhere and everywhere. So when i started hearing about La Dispute i fell in love. I have now missed seeing them live twice. First time i didn’t know who they were and fell asleep. second time i was in a different city to them two days in a row. But when i see scenes like this

This is what i feel the kingdom of God could look like. A room of sweaty strangers, yelling words that some other dude wrote about common themes and struggles. Unified. Communal. Loving each other.

It takes a lot of time energy and vulnerable passion for a band to play night after a night for hundreds if not thousands of people. Its an act of service. An honouring of people. Especially these days, when bands could easily get known using only the internet from the comfort of their own homes.

He speaks about playing wherever. Whenever, just so they can play. I’ve read interviews where members of the band talk about how the friendships they make on tour are incredibly important, especially within the bands they play with. They have released a few splits with bands they are friends with. They don’t seem to have the rockstar arrogance that can be plainly be seen in lead singers like those from TBS (LOLS) When you watch Jordan he comes across as a humble, lovely man who gives himself rather vulnerably to the world through lyrics like

I’ve been alone here,
I’ve been afraid, my dear.
I’ve been at home here,
You’ve been away for years.
I’ve been alone.”

“You’ve got your fingers snared in my veins,
I think it’s time you pulled them out.
And I don’t care about the flesh it’ll tear,
it isn’t flesh that I’m worried about.”

“She is mine. You stole her, somehow tricked her but
we’ll survive. We will. She loves me dearly—you’ll see.
You are blind. She loves me dearly.””

Reading through their blogs on occasion they all come across so honestly, and yes that can be faked but i’ve heard stories from people that know them and its true. They are committed to community.

Irrelevant of their philosophy of life the kingdom of God is like a hardcore band, who are genuinely in love with community through music.

Did jesus tell us to go out and work hard to become amazing communities, effecting change in all parts of society?
What better way then house shows and pot luck dinners?

Or do we speak truth from stages?

Do we need to stick our mics into a crowd of people more?

 I love Germans. NEXT ->

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