How the trinity will change the world.

The trinity is one right? and to be one they must have the capacity to think about the other members more then themselves. Serving and giving and being selfless is quite important to being one.

What about the line Christ says – Love one another as you love yourself? I’ve always thought,
to what extent?

So i want to try this.

I’m going to go through a typical day of mine (showing how selfish I am probably) and then going through my day as if I was more trinitarian in outlook.

So i usually wake up at 6am and think, – I want to read, or eat, or facebook or shower etc etc (very focuses on my plans, and what I like to do)

I usually then sit down and do the things I like and get irritated at those who go out to wreck my morning by distracting me from my plans by – asking questions, or asking me how im feeling or offering me some kind of friendliness….

Then i go to lecture where im usually focused on what i want to get out of them or what work i want to get out of them. i then start thinking about lunch and how im hungry and i really just want lunch,
then i get lunch and i eat it. and its good.
my afternoons are full of usually my stuff or me versions of other peoples stuff. i don’t change my schedule for others, i usually do the opposite of that and change others schedules subtly so i can control things.

dinner – thought about how i can get stuff out of it, then i plan my night for ME etc etc
i think you get the point.
i think a lot about what I will do
how I can get things out of it.
what others can do for me. (ive painted myself not great right?)

Now lets do this day better.

Wake up instantly thank God for who he his, what he has for the day.
Pray for Cookie, that his day goes incredibly well, kiss his forehead and sing with him in the shower.
Cook someone breakfast for fun.
Read the bible out loud for someone/with someone, etc etc.
Go into lectures with the thought – God what do you want the students to get out of this time, then pray into that, write into that so you can process with students later.
Then let everyone get lunch before you. Let others into the line before you, offer to wash others plate, sit down and ask some one a lot of questions get to know them.
Use the afternoon to bless as many people as possible – make presents, encourage, hang out, work hard on scheduling in different things so you are liberated to improvise and drop everything if needed to love on people WHEN THEY need it. instead of when you can fit them in.
Use dinner to listen to peoples stories. Let them celebrate what God is doing in them. Laugh with them, be around them. AND stay at the table until everyone is finished. Its not a race to leave.
Nights are free for fun. Play games, bake something, sit and just talk, watch movies and laugh loudly, dance, go for walks up hills. Enjoy JESUS?
and then before bed watch 30 rock with cookie, because you both like it. and sleep.

If i treated everyone else exactly like i want to be treated, life would become a fun game of figuring out peoples loves and loving them accordingly.

Imagine that world. Of everyone doing that?

With that in mind – on an international scale – watch this.

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