An internal Metronome.

So I’m sitting on a stage, behind a drum kit. My stomach has just gone nuts because it was denied BBQ, and the water i drank to try and soothe it is not working. I’m wearing an amazing green hat from an old room mate, and what i have a feeling is a woman’s shirt red tie.

Before we go on i need you to understand something. At that moment i was not in any semblance of what you would consider “peak physical condition”. So our band leader leads us into the next song and gives me the dreaded “faster” signal. My right leg screams in a loud voice, for it knows what that means.

Now in a traditional sense, the drummer was the time keeper, every thing hung off them. But in a perfect world, everyone in the band are time keepers, all having a similar metronome in them, pushing and pulling each other dynamically and melodically to make the song good. But as the drums are quite a loud member of the band unit, if a drummer starts slowing down it tends to drag the whole band back.

So i’m sitting there, kicking my heart out. And the metronome in my head is getting confused by the pain shooting up my unfit legs, the exhaustion and tightness in my brain and my excitement of my surroundings. My metronome was off. But i had no way of knowing how off, because i couldn’t just stop mid song and yell “hey nate, how slow am i going?” Or in another way, sometimes i will be rocking out faster and faster whilst at the same time knowing for a fact that i was on time, and not slowing or speeding up. And going off my own metronome, i was totally true. But if i had been playing off a teal one….. i would have been way off.

Truth is like an internal metronome, that has nothing to answer to except its own rules and experience. Truth is also like a metronome that you listen to whilst recording. It keeps you true to time, track after track and ends up making sure the ending product is…

God is our true metronome. God clicks the same, true, perfect. The more we get our timing, our beat from Him, the more true we will be. But what happens when start functioning out of our own truth. For a while, i can keep to a beat. For a while i can record to my own timing. But when i add someone else to the recording process, or i try to add sampled drums or even a live drummer – things get weird. The track sounds like it slows down, or is strangely staggered. When i start functioning out of my own truth in life, i can function definitely.. for a time. But then someone dies, or we get impatient, or we get selfish and then that small voice in our heads get louder. “You deserve that, it’s not hurting anyone, your grieving” and our truth speeds up. but its so subtle that we can’t tell, and we don’t think to turn on a metronome to correct our song. We just keep going, joyfully pounding out a beat the seems soo good.

We need to stick to the beat that God calls us to take on.

Cults come out of subtle off beats. Talented mad men are found after truth is skewed a tiny bit. Eve herself had the truth bent and she believed it.

Turn Gods metronome on. Listen to Gods timing and start playing the sweetest beat with our lives.

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