Sk8 For Lyf

‘Guy’ is friendly, and hilarious and very hospitable. Like a lot of teen skaters, he is fearless but he is set apart by his smile. It’s as if he’s your Dad and when smiles everything is made right.

We met up and sat around for a bit just chatting about the week and some tricks he had landed and then it started.

“Yeh i once fell off a six stair onto my back”
“Well once i did a back flip off an elephants back”

The injury competition, Which in some conversations gets ridiculous straight off the bat. But this one stayed so civil. Everyone was allowed to share. And each was asked further questions, enticing each involved skater more into the conversation to share of their hurts, to be empathized with. It wasn’t in a weakness way either. But its something amazing to watch 5 guys talk about some of the most painful experiences of their lives and be able to laugh about it and agree how bad it was. And each of them still skate most days of the week, if not every hour of the day that they can. (Except myself of course.)

Sometimes communities of God ride the strange balance board of celebrating hurt to get one up on each other – “yeh well I’ve slept with 50 people and now God forgave me more than you” or the other side which sees us act like we are all perfect and we are the “best skaters” who have never fallen off ever.

Can we find a sweet middle ground of celebrating being on our feet whilst remembering that time we snapped an arm and saw the bone poking out of the skin? Inspiring courage and faith in our God the ultimate healer-redeemer of not only physical bodies but also whole kingdoms?

And while we are on the subject, have you ever met an amazing hero of the faith without scars? Ultimately Jesus had huge scars, but you meet the big wigs and old ladies and they can always point at scars.
When they ollied up a 6 stair and broke a leg, or when they landed on a pole, or slid across gravel and bled a lot. But like every good skater they got up. They spent time in casts yes, but they got up and kept skating.

Watching skaters makes me want to be more perseverant. I stopped skating because i broke my collar bone and my scaphoid, and decided I wanted to take photos and play guitar more than I wanted to skate Canberra winters. I am in awe of skaters who axe themselves day in and day out who continue to get up and skate.

I want to follow Christ through broken bones and concussions.
Because He’s worth it. And I find it is easier and more enjoyable when done in groups of skaters.

The bathroom phenomenon -> next post

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