A Lady

We sat down in a café to have a sneaky sandwich as a family and the manager of the café politely started rearranging the furniture. He humbly asked if a lady near us could move to the next table so that he could give us her extra one. In a tone of voice that I would’ve used in a hilarious joke the lady frustratedly said “Are you serious, this keeps happening to me…. No I’m leaving. No I’m going.” Confuddled, the staff person didn’t know what to do. So he moved the table towards us and then realized we had enough tables as it was and awkwardly moved it back wishing this whole situation hadn’t happened. A strange shock fell over the group for an instant, and then off we went, into menu reading and good company appreciating.

Ten minutes later the woman came in and in the most to the point and honest way she said “I’m sorry about before. It’s been one of those days you know, but I’m sorry” She borrowed an umbrella from the staff member that she had apologized to as well and walked out into the pouring rain.

Keep short accounts. Be quick.



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