Limiting God – We COULD change the world.

The only thing that limits God is US.

Gods will is for everyone to be united as the trinity is. Gods will is for everyone to love and be holy like he is.


Its obvious, from the television we watch, to the things we spend money on. So why, does a loving God LET these things happen? If he wants unity, why doesn’t he make unity happen.

You wanna see something cool? – . There it was. Did you see it? I’ll show you again – . That time you must have seen it. That is God unifying the world. That tiny full stop is God healing everything broken, evangelizing everyone, feeding everyone ETC ETC. It would happen in a blink of an eye – that’s his POWER.

Gods will isn’t for robots. Gods will is a TEAM SPORT. And like a giant game of fooz ball, we continually play the part of opposing team. The wooden men that kick the opposite way of God.

When God asks us to feed the hungry we stuff our faces with refined sugar and then freak out when we get obese. When God asks us to fight for the oppressed we buy shirts made by nameless children. When God asks us to “go into all the world” we stay on our couches and get depressed because our lives have lost all meaning. When God tells us he loves us, and has made us perfectly for a unique and purpose-filled calling – we get a degree we hate, a job we despise and a wife that we cheat on because we are bored.

The only thing that limits God is US.

We want love – GOD HAS IT
We want peace – GOD HAS IT
We want intimacy – GOD HAS IT
We want answers – GOD HAS THEM!!!

But do we ask?
Do we trust him?


But we sure do love pointing fingers at him and calling him a liar and a failure.

When Isaiah said HERE I AM SEND ME – he wasn’t saying amen at the end of the same food prayer since he was a boy. He was saying – LET ME BE THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYER. SEND ME.

Our enemy isn’t creative like God. H has used the same lies on humanity FOR EVER. Gods says – LOVE EVERYBODY, but instead of trusting his truth, we decide to LOVE OURSELVES.

Does it work? EVER?

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