Worth Ship

If we stand in worship, singing songs by ourselves, to God, whilst standing next to brothers and sisters, why not stand with instruments in our hands?

Why not have the chords and music up on the projector for us to play along with? Why is vocals relegated to the honour spot?

What would worship be like with 10 guitars, 3 violins, trumpets, drums?

Or are the words somehow important? If the words are important, why do we continue singing songs written before we were born, using words we need dictionaries to look up meanings for? By singing such old songs, do we proclaim that God has ceased to be creative? Or do we relegate him to a position of unworthiness – we choose not to make new songs for him? And if it has nothing to do with the words or the music why do we not move, and interact with each other? Could we hold hands? Or smile? Or dance?

And if its more about the group, why don’t we sing to each other, in words we’ve written out of our common history? Using instruments we all know how to play?


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One thought on “Worth Ship

  1. Awesome. Made me think. Can I answer some from my thought wanderings?

    Words are important. I’d say we sing songs that were written before we were born often because they were the writers that chose the words that lasted. That were worth something. Therefore I have a feeling we should be inspired by old songs to write songs that have such powerful words that generations will sing them for years to come. That’s what the Psalms are. (But of course we should watch for those songs that are intelligible and if we can, we should define them upfront)

    One time my dad made everyone face each other while doing exhortation- “Let’s praise the Lord!” etc before we jumped into singing. It was heaps good.

    I’m guessing worship times are a lot about saying words and recognizing their worth and impact in our lives- and saying them to the one who is worth it all. (and singing because we remember songs so much better)

    Writer’s perspective at least. 🙂
    Does it make sense?

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