We were driving along, in a strange town, trying to find things we were looking for. Following me was one of my favourite people. So i pull out onto a road safely in front of a blue car, with plenty of room for me, but no room for my follower to come out. And i peacefully knew that there was time for him to pull out after that car and still see me. Little did i know that the back of our motorcade thought he would just pull out any way, almost right into the blue car. And it occurred to me – we are like this with God.

We don’t trust that God will continue leading us. We don’t trust that God needs us to wait 3 seconds to learn something. Or that there is safety in going after the car – so we pull out. And of cause as a redeeming God he redeems our split second unwise decisions and makes it so we don’t crash. But i wonder what would happen if we trusted God completely. Going in his time. Would we find things we secretly desired to have. Would we breed peace into our passengers so they have confidence in us.

When we trust God, is it easier for people to trust us?

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