[STATE!!!] meNT

I wrote this almost 9 months ago. I want to use it to illustrate something.

“We lit matches and threw them to the meticulously built piles of sticks in the corner.
We would start again.
Rebuild in human bricks,
“like it was supposed to be.” (the tshirt we all wore underneath our blacks)

But first we need to enlighten the masses with shock tactics only used by Friedman and his gang. And we would use such brutal means for jesus.

As we run from lighting every church building in our city on fire we aren’t seen by anyone. We wear black to melt into the night. And we move like ninjas from the fantasy novels we read as kids.
We feel alive, called directly from God to destroy like phoenixes.
They will rise from ashes.
Like pruning the mulberry bushes at dads house, they will grow back greener and lusher. The harvest will be…..

Some try and save the buildings but our bluergh(the sound vomit makes) feelings have set in. As long as our own houses are safe we don’t really care about the house of God. Maybe now the boring preacher won’t speak for a week and we can go enjoy our weekends. Our sons will celebrate with their toy cars held high.
When everyone had collapsed into religious rubble all of the lights went out. There was no light on the planet. And although the darkness wasn’t tangible or thick, we had no way of telling where anything was. No torches work, not even the matches we kept in our pockets.
if you can’t see ever again, a light bulb in the distance is exciting. That one light bulb draws more people then you think. And you can’t know until everyone starts bumping into each other. That one globe gets overwhelmed and is less effective and busts so much quicker. Specially if the bulb is never changed. So turn on more light bulbs, change the light bulbs more often. Draw everyone in. Teach others to turn light bulbs on and change them and maintain the light whilst at the same time growing the light, extending the light, drawing toward the light everyone.
[introduce colour]
a world of darkness and one type of light bulb?
So we began to use cellophane and different temperature. And suddenly our clothes looked different our children sung different songs. In the dark so often our vitamin d started to effect our temperament, so we needed to sing and dance even more to keep ourselves a little happy.
So invent a vitamin d tablet? They did. And we overcame that obstacle.
And at this stage we realized we hadn’t slept or eaten in months. We had been transfixed by the light, making more light and introducing colour.
[we are the undead]
and we have dispensed our hunger for flesh, we just want the light, we want to carry the light and commune around the light bulbs because the more we get the light the more we understand the darkness is both the absence of light and something we never want to go towards ever again.
can be heard being played through the speakers from everywhere. We have power for music but we no longer have the sun.
if only we had snow.”

I believe that God designed the body of christ as one. I believe it wasn’t some poetic utopian ideal that he never wanted to happen. I believe that he thought this up in the depths of His creativity because he knew, that the best way, the only way that works, is for us to emulate His community. The triune one-ness. So He created a puzzle of human body, mind, spirit.

I dreamed one day of black clad ninjas running through the night, taking all church signs down. De-labeling the bride of Christ. Because you know what? Labels that aren’t God ordained, destroy things God has.

Let me repeat myself. Walls, that we, mere humans build, without Gods permission – keep people out of the kingdom of God that Christ gave his life so that they had flat paths to walk in on.

I am of a sect of the brotherhood of Christ, that built walls between them and another small sect of the bride. Who had broken off from a smaller sect who had protested against a larger brother in the family of Christ who had broken off from a different piece of the puzzle. When you sit back and have a look at it from a far – THIS IS ONE MESSED UP PUZZLE. ZOMBIE BRIDE. A BADLY RUN DOWN HOUSE.

We were designed for better then this.

So lets get back to the ninjas and the signs. We are not Baptists, we are not saved and rescued by Calvin or Luthor or some assembly. We are rescued and saved and empowered and live forever, because of CHRIST and CHRIST alone. We are of Christ. We are Christians. But what do Christians have in common? CHRIST. So we are all united and we love each other and work together to bring the kingdom of God to earth???

The 26 years I have been on this earth i have been involved in so many discussions about who is wrong and how WE are right. One of the main ones of late has been the protestant, catholic divide, brought to us by a historical fight that i know nothing about, but now this conflict resides in my blood. But when you look at both our churches, WE ARE THE SAME. Both groups want to honour Jesus. and within all our mistakes and our weaknesses, we are BOTH attempting and a lot of the time – SUCCEEDING.

http://wp.me/p1utPe-g7 can not start in our identity in what we are not. Or what name our parents gave us, or what the group we meet with the most moulds us into.


Can we align with this

“…..all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought. ”

Donteattrash fed to you by labelists. Rise up, shed the skins of comparison and judgement handed to us by insecurity and an inability to love and serve alongside people who think uniquely to us. Knock down signs, tear off letter heads that don’t read “from the desk of a follower of Christ”.


It is possible because God is.
And he calls us to be likewise.

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