The time i destroyed a ruler and my mother made everything better

Sitting at my families kitchen bench, wearing a sweater vest. Mum had just returned home from the shops and she mentioned that she had a present for me.

I lost my mind!! I was soo excited. Wondering what it was.

She handed me a wooden straight edge. It looked like a ruler. What i didn’t understand was… it was a folding ruler. It was designed to extend to a metre if i unfolded it properly. But i didn’t stop to ask questions, as was my excitement, i just ripped it apart, literally and as soon as i destroyed it I realised what i had done. I burst into tears. This amazing gift that my lovely mother had brought home for me was gone. I felt so ashamed because she was watching me open it with as much excitement as i had.

And instantly my mother knew what to do. She got sticky tape.

She put it back together as best she could and taped all the bits. Some of the bendy bits didn’t work like normal but it was usable as a ruler, as it was created to be. Mum had redeemed the situation almost instantly and as i remember it, we kept that ruler for years.

God gives us gifts all the time, for different reasons. And, sometimes, without asking what its for, or how to use it, we rip it apart because we didn’t know how to unfold it. Sometimes we also use the wooden rulers as something else entirely. Sometimes these things work. Like using the ruler as a spoon. It wouldn’t be the best spoon, but it would work.

Or we get given a hat, and we use it to cook bacon in it. Burning a hole through the middle and making it unusable as a hat, and the bacon doesn’t get cooked. To redeem the hat, certain things need to be restitched, re coloured, recreated.

With the ruler, mum instantly fixed it. God fixes things slow and fast depending on certain things, but


Sometimes, it would be better if we stopped and asked “why did you give me this gift?” “How do i use this hat?”

Or at least have a crack at reading the instructions.

God redeems, God blesses and God knows why. And we can find out from him because he is not mysterious and secret about it because he wants us to succeed.

Rewind to Adam and Eve. God says ‘Don’t eat this tree.’

Imagine Adam asking HOW?

Imagine Adam asking WHY?

Imagine Adam asking “If eating it would destroy our relationship, can we build a titanium wall around it, so that i can never even get to it to eat?”


“Can you just blow it up then?”

After a spider attack in the village two days ago, a friend of mine started ranting about her hatred of spiders. But neither of us stopped and asked God why he made spiders.

We need to ask more questions of our God who knows all the answers.

Truth changes every thing (next post)




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