Tribal Truth Test.

To be completely honest i was raised very heavily politically one sided. My grand father was the secretary to the treasurer, so my father grew up in a very political household. Dad then romanced with the hippy movement through his teens and early 20’s and raised me in such a way that before i left year 8, i was writing letters to our local member about freeing Tibet, and also had me standing out in the canberra winter in a silent protest at the chinese embassy. And because i think my Dad is a genius and i have been trained in a way that i think similarly to him, his political ideals make sense to me. So in most conversations i would argue quite solidly against anyone who thought differently, even and especially when i knew nothing.

I found that i was the same with my faith. I grew up with a denominationally trained view of truth and biblical worldview that i understood and agreed with. I would butt heads with people all of the time over what my truth was and what other’s truths was.

Take this to a global level.

I just finished a book about the lebanon wars, and the jewish state. Idealogy – Judeaism/Islam/Christianity/tribalism all mixed up into a violent battle for not only truth, but family ties. A father protecting his family fights hard.

But what happens if the family we are putting our lives on the line for kidnapped us at birth, and taught us a truth that wasn’t true. I’m not talking about adoption. I’m talking about, what if we grew up and truth was actually lies?

How does one, then retrain his truth into being what he at first considered lies?

I believe in absolute truth. ONE. and everyone that doesn’t find that truth, has found lies.

If we are willing to kill women and children on behald of our truth, where will we find unity?


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