Christs’ pointless redemption.


Driving a van home and stopped behind one of those cars that has been designed to be louder than the other cars so you look at it and go

“woah nice car, I wish I was him”.

Except in my case it was more like

“what an idiot. What a waste of money on just a thing to get you from a to b. why make it go faster and louder when you cant even race it. You just stay under the speed limit and you never get to push it to its limits. That’s dumb”

and then my other brains voice kicks in

“how would God redeem that? how could God use that for his kingdom”

He totally could.

Expand that to everything humans do. Tonight some friends went to a football match and when asked if I was going I replied

“no I don’t really like watching a group of men hitting each other over and over for no clear reason”

We collect badges, we learn how to do tricks on a piece of wood with wheels, we pay money to watch two men play fight, we own old cheese and paintings of blobs. We learn about history and pump money into flowers and horses and fighting spiders. Sometimes it seems a little stupid. A little meaningless.

But God is in the business of meaningless redemption. When you boil down the human experience, we were designed for relational one-ness with the Father. And to that end there is no place for destroying the environment through racing high-powered vehicles, there is no place for training to lift heavy things, there is no place for seeing who can drink the most milk.

But God redeems everything. He makes good of all things. He makes the rescue of meaningless things, the most meaningful on the planet and makes sure that his glory gets shown out of it.





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