[Thoughts in fast food restaurants.]

Truth colours everything. When we believe that truth doesn’t exist, it’s almost like letting a child colour your BMW with a pair of scissors. At first its cute. But then you realize how much it will cost you, a little too late. The child is almost ignorant to the damage it is doing. Especially if you handed it the scissors and with a happy assuring smile encouraged it to go nuts.

We do this with our children all the time. We teach them lies that we think are truth which means we pass on the untruth we lived our lives by through the generations.

When truth doesn’t exist, life becomes a colour by numbers without knowing:

what colours are,

what’s aesthetically pleasing,

which end of the pencil we should be colouring with.

And the end result might be a crazy almost Technicolor horse.

In our relative truth minds – that’s a good result. Its different. Its not wrong.

But if the horse was supposed to be brown, then it is wrong.

I had a colour blind friend once, and thought it would be hilarious to teach my kids the wrong colours. Blue for Red, Yellow for Green. I went a step further and thought, what would happen if you taught your son that his mouth was his butt and his hand was his eye. “

High five my eye” #blackeye “Let me kiss you with my butt” #blackeye.

There is truth in colours. English speakers have assigned rules to language. We have assigned rules to colours. And you can’t break those rules just because you want to. Communication is when the receiver understands what you are sending them. How can you communicate when the hearer has no clue what you are saying, or is confused.

When I jump off a cliff without a parachute – my body and pulls it plummeting to the earth. Gravity. It’s an absolute truth that we can’t argue with. We can’t sit there and have philosophical conversations with it about its relativity. Some would argue:

“what about parachutes and planes, that’s relative to your ownership of a parachute”

Planes are a truth unto itself. If petrol runs out – gravity takes over. But to get the plane up into the sky you need the truths of aero dynamics.

When I stop eating, drinking, sleeping, washing, exercising, there are truths built into our bodies. That we get sick, weak and die. The ultimate truth of all is the we will all die. There is no one on the planet who will not die. We are not immortal.

So, if you eat well your body will usually respond. You will have a good amount of energy, you will be able to…….

But does that mean we won’t get sick? That we won’t die? No. I have been alive whilst very healthy and young friends of mine die of disease, accident, suicide, including 8 of my school mates. Some of them weren’t eating great, but they were healthy.

We will all die, but there are truths to keep us healthy and full of life.

Expand nationally. To have a great society, you need – great infrastructure? Great leaders? Great economies?

Ultimately the cornerstone of great societies is strong and committed family units. But what is strong? What is committed? Is there a right and wrong way? Or is relative truth the doctor who sews together whatever and magically transforms it into good?

Understandably every individual is unique. Making every family unique. But that would just mean that there is a great way to bring ever child into the world. And a whole bunch of rubbish ways. Take my family for example, it could be argued that all four children are incredibly intelligent. Two of them hold two degrees. But I feel like none of us could be a medical doctor. Because each of us are intelligent in different ways. Only some of us could be teachers, only some of us could be lawyers, and if my parents had of forced all four of us into the same mould, some of us probably would’ve set fire to a certain building.

There is a right way to educate children. Watch any high school year 9 class and you will realize that some of the students are taking nothing in. But put a painting brush in their hand or teach them the names of certain types of trees by letting them touch the trees and they engage.

If you believe the books, humans have different love languages. So there is a better way to love each other. And of course theres many horrible ways to love them.

So to build amazingly solid societies we need absolute truth to invade our families, we need to learn what is the best for our kids because it is the truth. This makes parenting almost easier and funner. If its all hit and miss, we get confused and end up producing some interesting children who then produce some interesting children. Making a confusing legacy.

Lets look at a hypothetical. The absolute truth that all women are beautiful gets changed to, women are only beautiful when they have big boobs that are busting out of their shirts and wear short shorts so you can see their butts. The ultimate legacy of that change in truth is a billions of dollars porn industry, and almost ten million people are trafficked every year for the purposes of sex and sex industry. – The amount of rapes go up, HIV spreads in certain places, more and more illegitimate children are left with government agencies, abortions go through the roof (irrelevant if you think its moral or not, it destroys a lot of womens bodies and lives.) This isn’t really a picture of solid society, but more a carnal society that thinks about the here and now and not the consequences.

The truth that business and the economy is so that we make money to make ourselves and others rich so that they can make others rich. The economy being an amazing tool to make sure that everyone eats. But that truth has changed into lets make money to make more money for ourselves, and use other humans cheaply so that we can make more money. The legacy of that is the 2 billion people on the planet in awful poverty.

But if we kept to a truth that beauty is in everything, that every life s worth dying for, that everyone needs to eat and we have the capacity to make that happen – OUR WORLD WOULD BE PARADISE.

Absolute truth is life, it is a solid ground to build mansions on. Its solid ground to build incredible life-giving communities on.

What are you worth? (next post)



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