Instagram Colours Truth

For a period of my life i experimented with real film photography. One of my co-workers had a granddad who died, leaving a whole fridge full of expired film. She didn’t want it, so she gave it away in bag loads.

Instead of shooting all the slide film normally (as it was going to cost me a lot of money) I instead cross processed it by running it through the film machine i was working with. When you put positive film through the negative film process, your colours come out a little like this –





It changes the colours, it sometimes goes very green or red. I once took some shots of a sunset and it was crazy because it changed the already beautiful sunset colours and made them incredible-er. Almost insane.

I was walking home from my old local oval, and thinking about how, with instamatic almost any photo could look good. Out goes well thought out composition, because every shot is a weird colour, a different colour, a colour that makes the eye want to look at it and suss out why it looks so good.




But colours can be wrong. Below is a shot of my home town. That building isn’t purple. Its off white.


This is where i used to work for a couple of years, that concrete path is not red. Its grey.


He is not green.

The room we were in was not green.




Truth is sometimes like Instagram. The colours can change. If we change green to red then we see the wrong things. We act the wrong ways because of our incomplete starting place.

Like running the 100m dash backwards or sideward.

But with Instamatic and instagram we convince ourselves that it is right because it looks so nice. It’s aesthetically pleasing. And then we start drawing and photographing and thinking in instamatic colours.

Example – recently i rediscovered my issues with authority. And not in the current times, but in hindsight. Which allows me to clearly see and cringe at, how horrible my reactions are towards leadership. But when you trace the roots of it, my truth was changed by constant mistrust and rebellion that i trained myself in. A combination of what i saw in my schooling and church cultures and a decision to take short cuts everywhere meant, that i came to a conclusion.

“Just do it and ask forgiveness later”

 This meant that my truth changed. Leaders, bosses, mentors, policemen, and even politicians were there for a good reason was changed into “i know better than them”.

This meant my new truth gave me sweet license to speed and drink and sneak around and not vote and make decisions on my own because i had given myself the authority to do whatever.

Can you imagine the destruction that could be had if every citizen of the world took this truth on board? Anarchy only keeps society solid if everyone had the same good moral compass. But if we have our own self-elected moral code, civilization is destroyed.

Imagine if there was no state governing alcohol, speed, age restricted anything, food standards….. This is not me celebrating the state. But… truth, if coloured, gets messy.

What colour are the glasses that you view existence through?

Green? – Envious, comparative?

Red? – Arrogant, rebellious?

Blue – Insecure, apathetic?

It changes everything. We need to replace our lenses with truth so we see whats actually there.




Elitism and mercy (next post)






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