Solid Security – The hierarchy of Worth

Some of the fruits of insecurity are:

living life apathetically,

not really caring what happens

– picking jobs that we hate, but

dreaming that we couldn’t actually get one we like.

Letting injustice happen unchecked,

abusive marriages and parenting.

Slavery, life-imprisoning substance addictions, sickness.

divorce and destitution, bullying and ultimately suicide.

The belief that we aren’t good enough for this world or that life is too hard and not worth living is toxic.

Most of these insecurities derive from a fixation on ourselves.

I can’t do this. I am not worth this. I can’t stop. I am addicted. I don’t like this.

Most of these fixations are the fruit of lies. When we are insecure about entering a group of strangers, we know nothing about how they will respond to us. When we take the stance of rejection before a group even gets to a reject us, why should a group except us when we have already rejected ourselves?

What if, instead of being fixated on ourselves, we were obsessed with the hypothesis that everyone is worthy of a good life. We would go into social situations with the aim to honour and have interactions abundant in life and love. We would marry with the knowledge that our spouse and ultimately our children deserve the best. And as a mirror to that attitude, we, as members of the human race, are also worthy of a good life.  A web of honour and good tidings would rid the world of insecurity.

So why isn’t this happening in the world?

I grew up and my bests friends included – 2 aboriginals, an Indian, a Turk, a Bangladeshi and three white dudes. I have a pretty broad worldview when it comes to different cultures. (although I still fight Americans on the spelling of colour)

But, if you grow up in a village in Cambodia, and your only interaction with a white person is a negative one. You could easily grow up knowing in the depths of your experience, that white people aren’t worthy of life, because they are awful people. Then have two generations grow up with that mentality, even without meeting a white person, your family legacy is one of hatred and disgust.

The other side of the coin is, if I am wearing cut off shorts, that I cut from a pair of jeans that I inherited from an old room-mate, that he may have inherited too, at some stage they were bought from a store that probably got their stuff stitched by tiny children or women in a sweat shop type factory. And as it is “out of sight and out of mind”, most of western civilization will buy these clothes and with their purchase they make a judgment that we, the white, are worthy of holiday pay and medical insurance, but tiny brown people are not. Supply and demand means – the jean company makes millions of dollars, we pay way too much for jeans and brown people have a lower quality of life.

We are almost bred with racism in our blood, which also feeds our own insecurity when we walk through a spanish neighbourhood at night but also destroys any sense that we feel everyone is worthy of a good life.

So if there is a hierarchy of worth, whose at the top?
And if I’m not at the top, who do I have to sleep with to get there?

We all want to be at the top, the best, the most famous, the most rich.

But none of us are at the top.

Because there is no top.

Top would mean best, or better than everyone else. – Which doesn’t describe anyone. Because none of us are perfect.

And the fruits of that rat race, to see who can make the most money, ends in wars, genocide, dictatorships. None of which successfully turns our insecurity into security as the more we have to protect, the more defensive we become, the less secure we really are.

What if we could be ultimately secure wearing only shorts and a t-shirt?

It doesn’t begin by looking at ourselves.

And, it doesn’t begin looking at others either, because as we are imperfect, we let each other down.

So we need something solid, something unchangeable, something perfect and powerful. And it wouldn’t hurt if this thing was also relational, and loving right?

If we have something perfect to rely on, that never lets us down, we CAN be secure in only shorts and t-shirt, with no prospects, no social skills, because when we walk into that group of people – irrelevant of what the group does – we are still backed by a solid rock.

People are fickle, but the solid rock is steadfast. And secure.

Imagine if the world had a rock behind them. A solid knowledge that they were worthy of life. Most of our government departments wouldn’t exist, we wouldn’t have psychologists, or cosmetologist, or many surgeons. We wouldn’t have petrol stations, alcoholism would be almost non-existent, orphanages wouldn’t be needed.

Because everyone would be worth dying for. So they would also be worth living with, and taken care of by the communities that believe, that together, backed by solid rocks, we are victorious.

You want to know something?

That solid rock exists.



The colour of TRUTH(next post)




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