Christs Eyes Sees Love

Ask to have Jesus’ eyes and you’ll understand what love is.

Our eyes are painted with the colour of failed attempts at victory, oppressed and broken versions of love, violence, unrealized hope, comparative thinking and more.

We need our eyes cleaned, replaced, retrained to see like Christ. To understand like the holy spirit.

Whist hanging from the cross, Jesus felt not a spirit of vengeance for those who deserved death – but only grace-fueled love.

How crazy is it that from the cross Christ communicated closure for the thief at his side?

Have you ever taken the blame for something you didn’t do?
Have you ever avoided the blame of something you did do?

I get frustrated by misconceptions of people i haven’t met yet.
I complain about cold, warm, misunderstanding, being late a few minutes…..

I also enjoy apple pie.

Why can’t we enjoy everything?
Why can’t we forgive everyone and just love?

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