We are super heros. – HOPE: the glasses.

hope – seeing with the eyes of christ.

When we wake in the morning we see through tired, blood shot, baggy eyes. We get into buses and cars full of other similarly unimpressed people. What would we prefer to be doing? Paradise, beaches, warmth, enjoying.

When some start to talk about changing the world we speak of building roads, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, shutting down injustice. But when you start to look into these things the human condition begins to paint everything we attempt with failure. With mistakes, with jealousy, we paint our past with regret and it super imposes hopelessness on the future.

We stop trying. We settle for second best. We are disappointed with our lives and we struggle with balancing the life we want for the future and the debt we are buried under in the present. Debt of attempts at financial security, debts of emotional insecurity, a debt to ourselves of dreams lost and forgotten.

Even with Christ at our back we still look on situations negatively through the lenses of our own flesh and blood. When I stand in the middle of my suburb and start thinking about revival and what it would take for the holy spirit to fall on all the people my human sight sees addiction and social disfunction and disbelief and hatred and generational conditioning. Impossible hurdles we may as well give up. When i watch movies about the sex trade and the worlds water supplies and poverty, its easy to lose hope, because our human hands are too weak.

But we forget God.

Which honestly must hurt for him. We forget how large the bicep of Holy Spirit is. We forget how all encompassing our fathers heart is. We forget all of Christs promises before he left earth.

All authority, ask and you’ll receive, greater things then I….

What if start looking through the eye glasses of the resurrection?


Where I go, Holy Spirit goes. HS is POWERFUL.

The same power that raised Christ from the grave lives in me.

Does that ever wig you out?

We are super heros. Super heros that never use their super powers to the extent they were made for.

Like Superman not flying. #dumb

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