Why we hate the Gays, but not the Corrupt?

Sight a passage that shows Christ making any comment to the people he was hanging around about their sinful behaviour?

Is there any times he looks at a prostitute and says – ‘Hey slut, what your doing is wrong.’


He says the opposite – NO STONES.

Does he ever whip the ‘sinful’? NOPE

Who does he whip? – The capitalists animals.

Does he swear at the broken and call them names and placard their places of employment or tell people to watch out for them? NOPE

Who does he call names? Who does he tell people to avoid? – The religious elite, the power hungry.

In my experience, the motto of ‘hate the sin love the sinner’ is too confusing for judgmental insecure humans. The inclusion of the word ‘hate’ gives us to easy license to then go and hate the sinner too.

Why can’t it just be ‘Love the Sinner’

Why do we even have stones to throw?

Can I give you some advice?

Find a bunch of sinners to share life with. Because you have life in abundance spewing out of your soul. Your security comes from the most high, your destiny is in his arms for ever. Stop worrying about things you don’t know and listen to the God that knows everything pleading with you to represent him well.

Be holy – relationally perfect. Stop pushing people away from you, do everything in your power to bring them in because of your LOVE and your HOSPITALITY.

Get uncomfortable.


http://wp.me/p1utPe-ey – truth video



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5 thoughts on “Why we hate the Gays, but not the Corrupt?

  1. Well said! If we are out on the streets to win souls for Christ, how does it matter who they’re? All need Christ, no one in Church is good either – all saved by His grace, and continue to be.

  2. “Love the sinner?” But are gay people sinners becasue they are gay? Nearly every person who acknowledges an aversion to homosexuality does so on the basis of what he or she believes the Bible has to say. In their mind, there is no doubt whatsoever about what the Bible says and what the Bible means. Their general argument goes something like this: Homosexuality is an abomination and the homosexual is a sinner. Homosexuality is condemned in both the Old and New Testaments. Therefore, if we are to be faithful to the clear teachings of Scripture we too must condemn homosexuality. Needless to say, this premise is being widely debated among evangelicals today and seriously challenged by biblical scholars, theologians and religious leaders everywhere.

    It rarely occurs to any of us that our reading of Scripture is profoundly colored by our own cultural context and worldview. In light of the post above and since I happen to speak and write on this topic, I thought you might find some of these posts of particular interest and relevance. I would particularly recommend the following:

    “Genesis 19: What Were the Real Sins of Sodom?
    “Leviticus 18: What Was the Abomination?”
    “Romans 1: What Was Paul Ranting About?”
    “Romans 2: Paul’s Bait and Switch”
    “Genesis 1: Turning the Creation Story into an Anti-Gay Treatise”
    “Why No One in the Biblical World Had a Word for Homosexuality”
    “Exegesis: Not For the Faint in Heart”

    (Links to these and more may be found by simply clicking the link below and then selecting the “Archives” page.)

    -Alex Haiken

  3. We listened to this song in church today, which made me think of these discussions we have been having/reading etc

  4. I don’t think this is ever going to be an easy discussion which in some ways is a shame because I do believe that this can distract us from what we called to do. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but as humans we can kind of screw it up at times. On this discussion about homosexuality we can find those on both sides that will show after careful study that the scripture supports their view.

    Since I have not engaged in my own careful study and since I do not know Greek or Hebrew, I must make decisions based on what I have read and prayerfully considered. Sometimes I just end up more confused. The one thing I do know and believe with every fiber of my being is we are all created in God’s image and that God’s grace is for everyone. I have sinned all fallen short. We all have and that makes us all even in my eyes.

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