Stop the crucifixion, I just need to baptize this guy.

Sitting there, reading your newspaper. Taxes are rising, a mother got away with killing one of her children……. and a ruckus starts. You aren’t sure what it is but, you start hearing ‘SHES A SLUT/ WITCH. BURN HER!!!” etc etc

A huge crowd pushes a naked woman up the street. You see that most of the crowd are men, and one of them is even the man who was let off on abuse charges (rumours were that he knew the right people). They drag this apparent harlot up to a plain looking man playing naughts and crosses in the sand. They say some stuff, pointing at the woman, making everything really public.

The man says some stuff and then goes back to writing in the sand. One by one the men – with shocked or shameful faces – start sneaking away. Less public now, very quiet.

When faced with an unfaithful woman, Jesus neither shames nor points fingers. Jesus isn’t about shame. He’s very much about dignity. As the story of Gods people shows – the ten commandments are as much a rebuilding of a slaves dignity as it is law.

If the rescuer of the world points only fingers at the self-righteous, who are we to point fingers at anyone but ourselves?

As Christ hung naked, up in front of the whole world to see, slowly dying for the sins of all, does he figuratively point fingers at the murderer at his side and tell him that he’s going to hell if he doesn’t repent? Does he stop the whole crucifixion thing to take him off the cross to get him baptized, or into a suit, or get him into a committed marriage or off his addiction to crack?

No – he looks into his eyes, filled with compassion – I’ll see you at home bro.

Jesus is a madman who makes his own rules because he is free. and that freedom is given to us. To love, to give dignity, to bring justice to the broke, to take the fight to the enemies own place.

Our battle is NOT with people EVER.

Our battle is with the spiritual sword of the testimony of the truth of God. Our tanks, our nukes, our warfare is done on our knees, humbled by Gods greatness.

Forgive me Father, because I suck at not being crap.

Make me better.

Soccer teams -> next post

2 thoughts on “Stop the crucifixion, I just need to baptize this guy.

  1. There are good times in your life where you grow spiritually because you see how good God is and make strategic decisions to change to be more like him. And then there are better times where you just place yourself in God’s hands and tell him to change you in whatever way he likes, even if it’s catastrophic to you (which it usually is). What I admire about these blogs you write is that they bleed with the raw wounds of someone in the second category. Blessings to you as you continue on. Can’t wait to read more!

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