Liberty to Destroy. Freedoms to Build.

A little story.

For the past two years I have been a pseudo-vegetarian, because my body doesn’t process beef mince very well. Not sure why, it just doesn’t. So i haven’t purposely eaten mince regularly for quite some time because it rips my insides up.

So last night i was running around trying to complete something i’m sort of new to, and i hadn’t eaten, so i ran to the dinner table to find there was no veggie burgers left, so then i looked at the meat burgers and made a snap decision – ‘I won’t be able to eat for the next 4 hours, its either meat or nothing.” So i literally put mayo and bbq sauce on a meat patty and ate it, and then found some buns so had a second one in a bun. And then i ran off to what i needed to do. (side point, it tasted amazing)

The next 4 hours and almost till bed time were very uncomfortable. I was fed, and not hungry anymore. But…. my body hated it. It was burny and pwitrugjdnf. It was just not great.

My point?

I am free to eat whatever i want. I love the taste of beef burgers, i love the combination between meat and bread and condiments. I love what usually happens around eating bbq with friends. But should i eat mince just because it tastes good? Should i eat mince just because of what happens around it?

Well one answer could be yes. Yes i should eat it, because its great. But the problem with that is, just making a decision to ‘just do it’ doesn’t change my body into being able to eat a whole bunch of mince. I will still get incredible sharp pains, and discomfort and bloating. Our decisions carry with them consequences. Eat Meat – Hate yourself.

The other answer is no. No i don’t have to eat mince, i can eat veggie burgers, i can eat salad, i can even eat bacon or eggs. Because the consequences of staying away from meat last night, would’ve been – sleeping better, being more comfy during the night time etc etc.

Through out life, i keep getting faced with these decisions – I am free to vs what are the consequences.

For example, if we let our children roam the streets at night – as we are entitled to do as parents – what are the consequences of that versus, teaching our children that their sleeping patterns are wise, and there are places that are less wise to hang out in at 2am.

We have obligations to life. We have responsibilities to our influences. And there are consequences to our actions.

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