A song that i have almost been constantly singing goes a bit like this

It begins with this almost musical mumble. Like under his breath he humbly recites

‘With all my heart I’ll worship you, I want to follow you’

What happens when a human does something with all their heart?
What kind of physical postures come to mind?
What kind of life goals, life attitudes take over?

Then as a part of his passionate life reciting mumble he then breaks into big statements

“We have come to give You glory
We have come to give You praise”

We aren’t following this God for kicks. We aren’t sacrificing what this world has for us because we like wearing robes or reciting old words. We come because we want/need to give God GLORY.

What is glory? how does one give it to a God with mere sung words? What is praise and how to we live lives of praise?

In the midst of praying about going to a skatepark and hanging out, God gave me some choice words

SKATE – Its not a tea party.

My life is not one that I put on pastel dresses and drink tea with old ladies. I love tea. I enjoy the company of old ladies. But if we began to live our lives WORSHIPPING with all our hearts, and giving God all the GLORY, it would change dramatically.

“You’re welcome in this place”

Giving God permission is step one to world revolution. God doesn’t force himself on us. He gives us choices and consequences, but when we say – ‘GOD YOU ARE WELCOME’ we let God do powerful things. We bring heaven to earth through praying – let your will be done –

and through letting God

“Have your way”

Not just saying you are welcome and giving God free reign. Do what you will father in me.
Make heaven in my body as well. ‘Its only you we want God’ Have your way father because your way is incredible and good.

And then the whole song raises to a crescendo, an almost selfish I WANT scream that rattles through the bones of communities that sing together. Raise up, and let go.

“Bless the Lord O my soul and let all that’s within me shout out, shout out”

Its songs like these that are the foundation to releasing communities into complete turn around. Getting excited and full of so much joyful faith that strongholds of the enemy disappear.

We are the victors.
We are the lovers.


Ignorance Isn’t bliss. <-next post

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