The good and evil divide.

Many has the day been when conquerors, name themselves the ‘good’ team, and the others an evil team. The “bad” guys. In fact our movies and books and plays and imaginations are flooded with this story. Usually the good team is an underdog and the bad guys are totally evil and like burning dogs or something.

Sometimes the good team has been done a large wrong and train all their lives so that they can take vengeance for a family member.

A large wrong has been done, and to ‘right it’ to take justice into our own hands, our celebrated characters take up sword and martial arts to destroy another. This is celebrated in our children at dress up parties, this is even trained into young men as a facet of manliness. Taken not from reality but fantasy. A great divide between us – the good and them – the evil.

This is even found in fear that is trained into us in ignorance. Black people don’t breathe fire, women aren’t slutty, white people don’t drink petrol, the boogie man doesn’t exist, arabs aren’t terrorists.

We are convinced certain people are evil. Based on falsities and personal experience marred by discomfort.

But take a step back,

Are there evil people on this planet?

Lets take Pol Pot for example. arguably the architect of the Cambodian genocide of millions of citizens. Was he designed and created evil? Was he at any stage unredeemable? Was there a point where if he had asked God for help, that God couldn’t step in and make everything right?

Other side of the thought – is there any good people on this planet?

I think my parents are amazingly good people. They have loved me all my life. They brought me up to love people. But are they perfect? No. Have they made choices that were less than the best? Of course.

We live lives that aren’t coloured by ‘good’ people or ‘evil’ people. Good and evil run through each and every one of us. But we each make, good or evil choices.

Could Pol Pot be making 90% evil choices and still make some good choices? Yep.

What does this effect?

When superman flies off to defeat the bad guys he is simply choosing good in that moment. If the bad guys, in our minds, turn from being evil to good people making bad choices – superman fights not only to shut their bad choices down, but to get them making great choices.

Its less of a war of good versus evil and more a battle of making the better choices.


Evil is an outside source. And we battle it and not each other.

The history of evil according to the story of God seems to point towards – God being good, God making good things, one of those good things deciding evil and going on to attempt to be ‘god’ of his evil kingdom. God, wanting to redeem everything back to the way he made it includes humanity in exemplifying Gods triune love – but being quite influenced by the ‘evil’ chooses – humanity drinks from the cup of comparative thinking and bam, we start labeling each other evil and good when the evil is actually the outside forces. Evil is when we decided to let them decide for us.

So the cold blooded killer seated on the electric chair to be executed… Is he evil? What brought him to that place? Was he trained by outside forces? Was he almost corralled by experienced and a warped sense of truth? Does that mean he is devoid of responsibility?

Definitely not.

Humanity was given choice. BUT, our war is not with this man. Our war is with that outside force. If evil is taken out of the equation, does that man ever feel inadequate or vengeful? Does that man ever downgrade a fellow human to such lows that he can just kill them?

Just quietly Jesus dealt with evil on the cross, and that knowledge and the presence of the holy spirit in our lives means that we WIN. YOU WIN, WE ALL WIN because Jesus WINS!!!!

So, from a position of victory, why are we so insecure?

Why do we freak out at the mention of gay marriage, when it has nothing to do with us.

Today someone made the accusation that we are fighting to ban gay marriage so that our children will have a mother and a father. My children will. Nothing the government can do can make my children not have a mother.

Why do we not know what to do when a member of society NEEDS Jesus and walks into church and says the F word, naturally, in their own cultures language?

If we aren’t hearing swear words often, do you really think we are effecting change in the world? Are we really taking the gospel to the nations?

Why do we almost criminalize pastors who are found to be embroiled in sexual affairs when we have put them on the sports field whilst we sit in the stands needing them to perform? Like a professional sports person walking into the crowd and asking for help with their sexual addiction?

Am I excusing sin? No – we follow a holy God who asks us to be holy as he is. But we live in a land that is influenced by the enemy, who knows how we function, and where we struggle, and he hits us with a divide and conquer mentality – turning good people making bad decisions into evil people deserving of more death then we do.

I am a sinful 26 year old Australian. My experience and past stories mean that I struggle with certain things because of my own choices, my parents choices and the choices of Australias pioneers. Knowing those makes the battle easier because i can avoid the mine fields and the bear traps.

I am not unique. I live in a country of 22 million others who have similar histories. They are not evil. They have the capacity to be very good and life giving. But we all can choose evil.

Choose life.

Choose goodness.

Choose good.


 The authentic, the justice. <- next post



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