Every Australia day my dad used to hold a BBQ. It started one year because he wanted to get to know the neighbours. So he invited everyone on the street around to just eat and hang out in our back yard. It was rather popular, every year getting bigger and more varied.

It was amazing for the kids because we would play street cricket and spotlight tag all over the street, in each others yards, laughing and running and becoming friends. For the adults it was cool too because then our parents met and became friends so all the kids on the street could hang out more. We had a varying street age wise. My family had three other families with similar aged kids. Then we had older ones who were like proxy grandparents, a dutch older couple a malaysian older couple, some diplomats and politicians, nurses, builders, musicians. And it changed over the years, some with younger children. And we all grew up together.

Then after a few years other people on the street wanted to host it. So i began to make a tour of the street. Different back yards, different flavours to the get togethers. But there was a few common traits, Including Mr moon. The awesome asian dude with the big tree out the front of his house. He was an incredible cook and kind and funny man.

I stopped going to them more then 5 years ago, but they are still going.

The kingdom of heaven is like a 20 year long bbq tradition, that brings complete strangers together because they live in the same street. It makes the street safer through knowledge and friendship, and it is filled with laughter of the old and young.

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