We don’t deserve Death

We don’t deserve death, we just get it.

When humanity was designed, we were designed for life and life in abundance, secure in love and holy relationships – adopted into the trinity through Christ’s representation and ‘in-our-shoes-walking.” We are destined for the intimacies that the triune brothers enjoy.

But we don’t deserve death, we just get it. We choose it. And not because God is vengeful, not because God is violent – God is love, God is unified, God is relational.

If we trusted God at who he is 100% we get life forever right? Adam and Eve would never have eaten the fruit, we would all still be totally naked and fully clothed in God.

So when did death come in? Isn’t it our punishment for breaking relationship?

I don’t believe it is a punishment. Not that God doesn’t punish. Sometimes we need to be disciplined, sometimes we need to be put right. But death is a follow on for not trusting God.

Simple illustrations – when one trusts in a knife, one gets to use the knife – otherwise you don’t get to cut things. When one trusts in the safety of a seat belt and car brakes, one gets to drive faster, one gets to actually drive at all. Otherwise fear takes over, speed limits slow, driving gets more cautious and terrifying. When one trusts in a parachute, one gets to jump out of planes and not die.

When Adam and Eve stopped trusting God and that distrust echoed around the earth and cracked the world, the follow on is death. When we find our security in our own breakable hands, in our fallible attention spans and in our offend-able hearts we begin to eat away at each other, we take revenge, we violently misunderstand each other. Our hearts are broken and we comfort ourselves by numbing the pain or jumping off cliffs or being violent to our own bodies.

Distrust God – Humanity begins to die. Cut off from its eternal life source because we walk away, because we refuse to believe – no faith.

So, to the word deserve. or better – rights. I’ve heard many times that our only “RIGHT” is death. We have no other rights. But we have been designed for life. Our right is to live. God wants us to live. Gods heart is for us to live. In fact he has ALREADY adopted us into the trinity. We have been CRUCIFIED on the cross with christ. We have been transformed. Every single one of us was transformed at the cross. So death isn’t a punishment because we have been ‘righted’ by the life and death of our saviour who sits at the Fathers right hand.

Death is just a gift signed and delivered from our own choices. The fruits of what we trust in. The whispers from the enemy that we believe in.

The good news doesn’t have any bad news in it. We sometimes think that Gods story with humanity starts off good, then turns bad and then turns good again. But it never gets bad. Gods story is one of love and a rescuing chase. Its consequences are life and life in abundance, but the trinity is neither in the death game or the pain game. Christ took on both to renew everything and defeat death and now that death is defeated….


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