Turn around.

i went to church tonight. I love church. I love how it is done so many different ways. and afterward i talked to a friend about some of the bits i disagreed with. How i lean more towards smaller, more intimate congregations, then louder large scale groups. But my friend spoke about how, some would only meet God in big contexts. Some would defs only be found in churches that feel like concerts.

And as i’ve grown of late, i’ve come to the conclusion that irrelevant of the speaker of the night, we can all learn something at church if we let God speak. So… expecting some sweet alone time with God whilst someone spoke, I was blown away by the speaker for the night. She both agreed with my own conclusions and push me further when it comes to community.

One of her opening lines was ‘We don’t have all the friends we need’. I’m all about making friends. I love the friends i have and those i will get later on. And as I sat there, it dawned on me even more – If the whole world was purely out to make friends that both we, and God ordained, then that is a part of the kingdom of God. That is the main part – MAKING FRIENDS.

So even tho some of the lyrics to the worship songs made no sense, and the well-lit, over the top drummers at the end made me increasingly aware that stages suck, and hold no purpose in worship,

GOD SPOKE. the HOLY SPIRIT MOVED. and church was good.

and its funny the journey i have been on to be able to leave a place like that, that i disagree with and still say it was good and every person there was good.

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