Who told you that you were naked?

As Gods amazingly loving voice called to Adam and Eve, who had decided that hiding was a good idea, he commented on more than just the physical coverings they had decided to don.

‘Who told you?’

Is a question that God continues to ask us.

Who told you that you are ugly, stupid, unworthy, broken?
Who told you that something is wrong with you?

And God follows that up throughout humanities history with a firm


Our reaction to God redeeming the truth in our heads should be ‘Oh yeah’ but usually we begin a lifelong argument.

‘But I am stupid

the teacher told me in fourth grade.’

‘But I am ugly,

because i don’t have blonde hair and perfect abs’

and we rationalise it quite well. We’ve been very well-trained in our insane conclusions whilst God looks us right in the eye and asks ‘BUT WHO TOLD YOU?’

And we stammer and murmur and whine and complain and shift the blame and compare ourselves over and over.

And God waits.

He doesn’t take away our masks, he waits.

Because if we don’t listen to his much communicated delight of us. If we don’t hear his love.  Then having him take away our masks and our safety blankets will show the very thing we are hiding from and push us further and further into hiding.

God wants us to hand him our masks and see the people he sees.

God wants us to experience real freedom.

God wants us to be real with him and allow him to speak life and love and delight deep down into our souls.

Are you listening?


What parts are you trying to hide from God?


Take the keys back (next post)


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