Canvas 20 – Listening.

A week ago someone gave me a vision that included me ripping up a canvas and showing others how to create better in weird ways. and she also gave me proverbs 20:1-20. So i think i’ll think out loud about it. So here goes.

As a 19 year old i held up a flag of disgust at alcohol and the stupid stuff that happens around it. Originally it was because one of my best friends at the time had gone from being an amazing life filled individual, to being a party crazed, faker. And as i looked around all i saw in the faces of my peers was an inability to rip masks off their faces and be who they were. Confused, Unsure, Overwhelmed, and under-guided. Add in alcohol and it was amplified to supercharged, ridiculous levels. So i became a rather vocal anti-drinker. I wasn’t straight-edge, i had no clue what that was. I was just aggressively hateful of a substance that took peoples lives over.

We weren’t designed to need to be reliant on poison to get through the day.

Look at it from a different perspective. I have through seasons of really enjoying beer. Beers have been on the table during some of the greatest dinner parties i’ve been to. Beers have been on the table during some of the greatest friendship building events. Alcohol is not the problem. Christmas pudding is incredible, wine and laksa is the best combination (in my opinion) on the planet.

The problem lies, i believe, in who we listen to.

20:1 ¶ Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.

If we listen to the call of booze – “Drink me and then you’ll feel better” “Drink me and then people will like you” “Drink me and all your problems will go away” Then it mocks us. We begin fighting it, because deep down inside we crave life, we crave freedom, but the alcohol has us convinced that we need it before those things will happen. So we brawl with it, ourselves, our families, our institutions – when we simply need to stop LISTENING to the wrong things.

Listen to Christ. He’s the freedom we need.

One thought on “Canvas 20 – Listening.

  1. Alcohol is the great leveler. Some can drink and then let it go. Others it seems just can’t have one so they have more, and using alcohol – like drugs begins to eat away at our souls and in the end it ends up in oblivion, institutions, jails and death. When we put stock in an addiction, we turn our faces away from the God who created us to the beast who controls us until we end up crying out “I just can’t take it any more.” God help me. Then spiritual awakening can occur because we’ve broken the link to the destroyer. God can now do for us what we could not do for ourselves.

    I know for myself that I can’t just have one… But everything in moderation. I don’t begrudge anyone something they enjoy, lest it take them down the path to destruction.

    When people “come to” and find that God is there, they are renewed and strengthened. It is sad that in many cultures, drinking is a rite of passage, the more the better, and I can’t stop you from tempting fate, but I can tell you what it is like once you get to the gates of hell.

    God is the answer to many a man’s problem in this world, the question remains, “Are we courageous enough to speak God’s name and follow his love and way of life for us?”

    God did not create this world in order for us to be addicted to substances. But corporations would think differently. There are two voices battling for our attention. The choice, like you say is “who do you listen to?”

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