Taking the Keys Back

In basic, almost dot point form


– God gave us a place to be in charge of – EARTH.

                   -We, gave it to Satan and his minions.

                                     -Satan had some fun times with it.

                                                -God rescued his ordained people, to teach them how to be in charge of the world again

                              -They gave that job, back to satan every so often. and then occasionally realised God knew best.

                      -God sent his son to adopt us into his family, wiping the worlds slate clean, and giving them weapons and truths to finally take complete control over the world again.


For some reason we still don’t get it. We look at our own, redeemed, rescued, empowered hands, and see, not the hands of a saint or family member of God almighty. We usually see, lonely, addicted, dirty, depraved, hopeless, hypocritical monster claws.


Why is it, that we read our bibles, and pray to the God who provides, and worship him in song –

Do we still not see freedom?

Why does the enemy seem to win all the time?
Why does the devil have all the good musicians and film makers and tv chefs?
Why does he seem to own our school systems and our economy and our fashion sense?

Is it because we forget that evil exists?

If evil doesn’t exist, then all of this is somebody’s fault. and humanity loves to pass the buck, so we usually pass it to God.


if evil is Gods fault…. then why would you listen to him?

But evil does exist.

and therefore we need to figure out how to defeat it…. WOAH step back!!!

Jesus defeated evil on the cross. He cried “IT IS FINISHED”

And we could stand there and cheekily ask

“Finished what?”

What did he actually finish on the cross, because according to the newspaper

wars are still erupting,

babies are still dying,

old people who deserve only respect and honour are getting abused.

Evil seems to be running rampant. So what did Jesus actually finish?


What did Jesus NOT finish?

What is there, on the planet that he didn’t finish in that breath?

Rewind all the way to before existence, when the trinity is having a laugh together and decide

“Hey, lets make things together, beings we can fully adopt into this family.”

Because they love loving, and they love creating. So they get to create and love.

So Adam and Eve begin walking around the garden – still orphans, they haven’t been fully adopted into the family of God yet. They still aren’t completely united in God in full holiness. For God is the only holy one. Right? So there was completion needed from day one.

Then, we handed over the keys to Satan. – Needing to be finished.
Then, we started trying to run our own kingdoms. Kingdoms that were originally designed to run in community with God.

And, as we destroyed our own kingdoms through bad leadership, we tore holes in existence and thus we needed sewing up and finishing.
Then, our family units are destroyed.

Then, society is split.
Our relationship with the father almost ceases to exist. and the hearts that were designed for unconditional love have been utterly blown into shards by the ultra conditional love and hatred of a society in shreds.

Therefore, in that statement on the back of 33 years of pain, walking in our shoes – Jesus called out –


But, just like the garden of Eden – we get the choice. Do we keep the keys, or do we hand them back to Satan?


KEEP THE KEYS (next post)



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