Keys to heaven – the governators.


A story one of my mentors once told me was a day he sat in the streets smoking a cigarette and he stopped. He stared at this tiny tube of poison that he was sucking, burning, into his lungs. In that moment he hated it. He hated this tiny cylinder that controlled him, that ruled over him.

I remember similar stories in my life, through bottles, mouse clicks, stressed fueled solutions. I felt ruled by something, that at that moment – i felt – i didn’t have a choice. The addiction chose me, the king ruled me, and i had no say in it.

The people of Israel convinced themselves of this many times. Almost commenting to God-ordained heros with a “Hey, you can’t rescue us from our oppression, we are oppressed, that’s who we are.”

For some reason we, and they begin to identify ourselves with the destruction of our our own souls. We identify with something horrible.

We are failures
The addicted
The losers
The uncreative


Why is our default position a lie?

If the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me, then…..I have the capacity of power.

If God is love, and God is the Holy spirit. and the Holy spirit is in me, because Jesus sent him to me, and if the fruits of the spirit are love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self control. (thank you children’s bible songs for memorizing that verse) then, what part of those fruits is in the list of failures above?

Joy is not addicted or oppressed.

Goodness isn’t uncreative.

Patience isn’t a part of being a loser.

We are the winners, the victors, the strong, the powerful, the loved, the accepted.

We are the saints. And as the saints, Jesus gave us ALL AUTHORITY to rule over this green and blue sphere. We are the Ecclesia. We are the governing body. and why wouldn’t we be? We are children of the creator of the world who craves to be given kingship over our lives.

So if we are the kings sons and daughters, given the keys of authority to govern. Why aren’t we?

Imagine, if Jesus-loving christians, who chose to partner with King Jesus to govern every sphere of society.

Imagine Jesus and us governing, influencing, creating in the entertainment sphere.

Instead of songs that train our kids in their insecurities, basting them with lie after lie after lie about their fashion, looks, relationships, what riches are, what the future could look like.

Imagine us communicating life. and Love. That there is truth, and that everyone is beautiful and worthy of a perfect man dying on the cross for them.

And now your thinking – “Are you serious? Christians could never out groove Kanye, or sing like Adele, or dance like Sean Paul”

We have the designer and author of everything.

God invented swag.

Jesus is the king of pop. The Holy spirit could compose a dub step beat that would blow your mind.

But we distrust our father. We distrust our own hands. Just – CREATE.

Imagine God being the real king he wants to be, in the sphere of government. The christian right, in my humble opinion, has always represented God as an old conservative woman, who thinks technology should’ve been stopped at the wheel and wants to bring back capital punishment.

But imagine the Holy spirit – a convicting, comforting, crazy king. Who seems to never do certain things more than once. Who deals with people not as a faceless mass – throwing all in prison, our God king would lead our nations and our world perfectly, with Justice and Mercy. We wouldn’t need to vote. We would just need to say yes.

Economics, Education, religion – if we let God take over our think tanks and partner with him in them – we govern this world and bring heaven to earth.

That’s what Jesus asks us to do EVERYDAY.

Don’t find security in your own hands.
Don’t label yourself something you aren’t

Find your security and identity in JESUS


Two faces are next (next post)


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