Sour Fruit and Being Right.

If i was the best farmer on the planet. I knew all the best ways to farm, the best ways to prepare soil, the best ways to sell product, but when people ate my fruits, it made them want to throw up – does all my prior knowledge and rightness get me anything?

If i had all the right fishing gear, the newest boat, the best captains, the best weather – but i never caught a fish, am I a good fisher man?

If i had the night clothes, the right park, the right skate board, the right shoes, the right courage, but i learned no tricks, and unsuccessfully rode the board – would i even be classed as a skater? let alone a good one?

And yet we feel like we can do this kind of thing as “christians”.

We know the bible, we know who wrote it, what words are in it, why we are right because we can quote large sections of it.

We know the history of our sect of christianity, we know why we are better then the others, why they are going to hell, and why our pastor is better and funnier then all the other pastors.

We know the forms of our worship, we know the truths of our family, we know doctrine, and arguments why certain other peoples suck.

And yet we have no clue how Jesus would behave around certain members of citizens. Or if we do – we don’t actually act that way.

Our fruits aren’t love, or peace or kindness.
Our fruits are church splits, fear, addiction, damnation, finding security in our own hands.

But at least we are right, right?

Whereas take a fisherman who only has a fishing reel and no bait and watch him pull in all the fish.

Take a skater with three wheels and no grip tape who lands the craziest of tricks.

Take a farmer with seed and the weather and watch them harvest much.

If we sow love, and reap love – what else do we need?

Who needs to be right, if our trees are heavy with fruit?

Why can’t we let God form our hearts in such a way that we can use them as lenses for our minds, instead of letting our minds ignore our hearts and make logical safe decisions.

Our brains don’t logically choose to jump off cliffs or love people with abandon, or trust God in everything. Our trusting hearts do. Our excited hearts, our Joy filled hearts do. and partner those heart lenses to God…..

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