Ok, here goes with possibly one of the most awkward blogs of my life to hash out something that has been on my mind for two years.

Firstly let me get this straight – i love people to the depths of me. I love love love them. But i understand that we, as broken people who have a penchant for believing lies about ourselves and Jesus, make a whole bunch of mistakes, and the “justice” of certain mistakes are complicatedly occasionally painful.

A story.

Me and a man that i have been good friends with for coming up seven years walked through a shopping mall into an open area, filled with many people and a set of stairs. As we stood there watching, we saw packs of young people wearing similar things, smoking, impressing each other, looking tough for each other, looking for belonging in assimilation and therefore, i believe, a sense of self oppression. A getting rid of personality, uniqueness, honesty – to be a solid, concrete face of camaraderie and engulfed anti-rock-the-boat.

and i totally understand that sentiment, because as a high school student, i wore weird clothes and had weird hair and behaved out of the box – and i got wasted with attacks on my identity, that attempted to form me into things i was not.

So we are standing there, watching all of this, and out of the corner of our eyes a fight breaks out, seemingly over nothing, other then possible boredom. Some police arrived quickly and intervened, and in amongst the splitting up of the fighters, one white singleted man started swinging at the cop. These boy seemed to be under eighteen and had brought with them a ramshackled group of ‘gang-like’ packs of similar aged people, following their leader around. As a crowd formed and then dispersed into a similar west side story – circle grouping mentality, a similar shape took over the cops and security guards. What is it about us that forms groups as a defense mechanism, and then attacks out of a sense of attempting to impress each other in our pack?

We continued to stand there to watch. and then the girl boy tension started to rears it head. The giggling, the waking back and forth across the road, the fashions, the muscles, the smoking – all mixed up into an awkwardly obvious, almost cesspool of teen angst and hormones. So another two fights looked to start, and individuals ran up and down the stairs, looking for their group and feeling and looking very insecure until that found them.

and we started brain storming outloud.

How could we, partnered with Jesus, change the world and bring heaven to earth for these kids?

We started suggesting jumping castles, and teaching them how to entertain themselves, and just clowning around, and discipling them in how to treat each other. Could we get them jobs to fuel the economy, could we show them how to create for each other?

Because currently all of them seemed bored, all of them seemed hurt, all of them seemed unable to entertain themselves (hence fights become so fascinating, even tho we have ultimate fighting comps on youtube) and so they (and we i supposed) turn to the strangest group activities they can think up….. (nope) They turn to the same wastes of times that all generations turn to.

Now from a personal stand point, i never turned to those things because i was taught to entertain myself. From an early age my mother had a sign on the world that spelled out ‘if your bored, then your boring’. i was also fathered by a committed truth teller who let me know who i was very often, so i had no reason to find acceptance in the “pack” (although sometimes i did attempt it) and the friend i was with talked about how he lived out in the bush, so there was no packs to try form himself into.

So then we discussed how do we speak truth into complete strangers, or is it too late for them. as there were 100 kids at least, through that area, how do you change a deeply inbuilt community-spirit of a pack mentality like that?

and then we started talking about how, these kids were probably trained by broken parents, and these kids will train their kids out of their brokeness and the cycle of bored, identity-less, pack young people. and thats when my brain went to weird places.

Now, there is hope for all people. I believe that. I believe that a whole bunch. But if hope needs to be carried by someone, and those someone’s have refused to carry hope to these kids, and a lot of these kids will end up in prison, is there someway, we can convince people of the world to NOT have children, unless they are prepared to put some kind of effort in.

As more and more parents say no, to bringing their kids up well, society degrades. Do i believe there are better ways to bring up children? Yes. I’ve heard recently that the ages from zero to five are the period of huge amounts of brain development in children and currently, women are forced back into the work force to continue living the lives we have chosen to live. So now we have no parents at home during the biggest development years and then we give our children to schools that are getting less and less relevant, and less and less good at preparing our children for lives as secure, hopeful adults.

So we will continue to churn out un satisfied, unentertained, uncreative individuals.

So where does that get us?
Have less children?
Have no children?
Why do we even have children?
Why isn’t “society” entertaining our children?
Why do we work hopeless, unenjoyable jobs?

and here is awkward idea number one.

– Abortion. Although i disagree with murder, and not taking responsibility for ones planning and actions etc etc etc, what if, all the criminals in prisons hadn’t existed in the first place? Drug dealers, rapists, human traffickers, bad politicians, all the people we consider “the most evil”… Why not make sure that less bad parents, have children?
now of course, even good parents have dodge children, but the stats most probably show that, more criminals come from broken families, uncommitted marriages, ignorant, unengaged parents. So why not sterilize parents who decide to make babies and ignore them?

This is also, some peoples ideal for God to rid the world of evil – why did he make Hitler? Why didn’t God just abort him before he was born. All of this is a mistake in thought because aborting Hitler would rid Hitler of free choice, Hitler chose to be Hitler. We all have the capacity to choose life or death. But what if our starting point makes it easier for us to choose death?

Is that Gods fault? Is that the childs fault? or does that mean that we have to work harder to get to that child to show it that it can choose life?

– Robot them
Why don’t we inject our children with drugs so they behave and do what they are told in school? Why don’t we all try to educate them the same way, because if we placate them, then they will live nice normal lives that are nice.

oh wait… thats exactly what we try to do with our children, through an education system that is generic and unmovable and written into law. We do inject the ones that don’t fit with drugs, we don’t make any of it flexible for how different our children are, and some countries even illegalise educating our kids at home. We aren’t setting them for the real world very well, and the further we go into time, the more papers with our names on, we need to get better jobs.

This is another mistake in thinking that people think about God, why didn’t he just make us robots, so we all love him and adore him. That will apparently stop evil. But if we are robots, we don’t really love him. If we have no choice, we don’t really love him. God has made us unique, he never intended us to look the same or behave the same or learn the same or love the same. and yet we try to box God and ourselves and our faith in our boxed God. and its friggen ridiculous.

No wonder we have shopping mall stair wells filled with uncreative, unmotivated individuals when no one seems to know who they are, or who their creator is.

So where does that leave us?

When parents say NO to loving their children – certain things happen.
When a second generation of parents say NO – certain other things happen, and are amplified.

But all that can melt away when we say YES Jesus.

sounds corny huh?

You know what isn’t corny?

The God of the world hanging on a cross, dying, raising from the dead and then sending the spirit of God into us, to empower us to do greater things then him.

Thats both scary and exciting, that that power resides in us.

Start loving hurting kids.
Start saying yes.

3 thoughts on “yes

  1. Mmm good thoughts. What if the best way to change them is just to believe in them an through that illustrate love. Most of these kids probably don’t know what love means and are frightened and scared because of it. I reckon consistency and faithfulness goes a long way. These are Just my thoughts.

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