Farming the disconnection out of the world.

I sat in a loungeroom with my German friend.

Why are kids bored?

He began telling a story about how he played computer games for three years, but compared to the years previous to that, spent adventuring in the forests with his brothers, the computer years were a waste of time. He told of making up games, building things they needed, climbing trees and not falling because they were confident of their skills. The friends he was close to in those forests, were so much closer then the facebook friends he had, or his fellow computer gamer acquaintances.

So we ideologically threw out our phones, and the internet and imagined building a farm. Living in a tight knit community of 20 people, for 30 years. Building what they needed, growing what they needed, inventing things, deriving entertainment from reality, communicating, relating, engagement, with the land and the people. We wouldn’t be “rich” is stuff, but we would be rich in belonging and love. We would teach our children how to entertain each other, how to invent more and more games, and how to live off the land. We would occasionally barter, or trade with nearby settlements.

And ultimately we would be relying on God to provide. We would work as hard as we needed to, but we would be led by God in creating and planting and cultivating. And those years that the weather went bad, we would rely on God to send us a cloud of chickens. Our children would be friends of God, and we would explore when he wanted us, and venture out into the other lands when needed. But outside of that we would give belonging to the unwanted.

When men and women cease to be useful to the systems of capitalism they get spat out. We would give them a place, a belonging, a piece of responsibility that helped keep the community going. We would give and receive, we would need for nothing and love every minute of our lives.

It would be a heaven on earth. and of course it would go through seasons of attack from the outside, and from the inside, but as we get closer and closer to God and fight stronger and harder in our authority and promises, we will ultimately assume our victory.

In theory capitalism and communism works. But like democracy, this is merely human kinds attempt to bypass God. Gods kingdom doesn’t work on supply and demand. It doesn’t work on all of us being equal in everything, It doesn’t work on the fittest survive.

God is king, God economy relies on obedient giving and receiving, innovative creation and fighting for the weak and the broken. and as sons and daughters of the king, we can change the world.

Ask most men, and a farm where they can sit back and enjoy the labour of their hands and the company of their family is a dream and an echo of heaven, and the only thing keeping us from it is lies we believe about our capacity to win and lies we believe about what richness looks like.


(Google earth ships, “Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People”, watch food inc, read fast food nation, look at the ingredients of your food, think about the last deep conversation you didn’t have with any social lubricant, name 10 friends you would tell all your secrets to, name the last time you climbed a tree)

7 thoughts on “Farming the disconnection out of the world.

  1. YES! OH, YES!

    And I climbed a tree a few weeks ago. And, not to brag, but I volunteer at a city farm one day a week and one day a month. Some of us would love to see a community develop on the land in harmony.

    I love what you said about God’s kingdom not relying on the supply/demand story! God is rich and generous and gives gifts. And gifts create ties, not transactions. And gifts make everyone and everything richer. That’s the story that God’s kingdom tells. Amen.

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