We already live in hell.

Earth isn’t some in between place, some purgatory – white walled waiting rooms, filled with friends and family, not sure about where the door goes. Earth is a place of choice and power. Earth is a battlefield. Earth was a paradise that we have decided with every choice we choose to construct a life or destroy lives.

Think about the people you meet. Uncountable are the people I have met who look at me like I’m high. I’m bouncy and joy filled and on occasion, socially fearless. People ask me what drugs I’m on and where they can get it because they crave to be as free, they crave to not be terrified of what people think of them.

When you start conversing with many humans on the planet they have many things in common. They hate their jobs, they are bored out of their minds, they are quite confused as to who they are, and their dreams are tiny. As if they had dreams once, but then lost hope in them because ‘reality’ kicked in.

And this isn’t unique to the non-Christians. Self-proclaimed members of the body of Christ have been adopted into the family of God and still cannot tell you – who they are, and why they are.

The belief that, when we die heaven comes, is one that pervades our world and ends, not in us finding security in God and how he loves us, but us taking on the mantle of the victim. We be the slave through our earthly lives because, in some way, that will get us more blessings in the next life – kind of like Buddhism?

Why we don’t pray a prayer similar to the one Christ used to teach his disciples ‘Your will be done on earth’ more and more and more and see great things happen. As God is great, and his intentions are great.

When we understand the heart of God for the now, for people, for their earthly lives – to be one of Heaven On Earth, our reasons, our behaviours, our desires take a complete turn around.

Starting with why we wake up in the morning.

Recently I was in a season with my room mate and a few others, of getting up at 5am and reading our bibles for two hours. We were excited by the story of God, linking with us and empowering our days to improve the lives of those around us. The more I learn about Gods story, the bigger my understanding of how good he is becomes. I laugh a lot, I dance a bit, I eat amazing food, I speak with and live with amazing people. I am living in heaven because I am walking the path I believe, God has designed for me. And although I still sin, I still make mistakes, my direction and my passion is pointed directly at the heart of God. and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Recently I met a boy who had been abused, mistreated and kicked out onto the street by his father, who had walked from his house in the country, into the city. He wasn’t loving life, he was alone, insecure, and had not much hope that the next day would get any better.

And I could tell worse and more detailed stories. Of both spectrums. Heaven and Earth. Choices. Our own and others – that end up landing us directly in hell or heaven.

Back to earth not being purgatory.
Our story begins in the garden when everything was perfect. Gods intention. Our destiny. God has rolled out the greatest redemption and rescue plan to get us back to that place. The garden of Eden/ The city of David / Heaven. When Christ said it is finished, that’s what he meant. My fathers plan has finished. We have won, and we present to you – HEAVEN.

Heaven is where the fathers will is being done.

Every day, every human on the planet is faced with decisions. They are usually simple yes or no questions, that when we say yes to God – heaven comes. When we say no to God, hell continues to reign.

Even in the smallest thing. Last night I was exhausted. I had slept maybe 4 hours of horrifically broken sleep, driven to Sydney and back before 9am. Had meetings, some interesting fire happenings, some really fun times and it was 10pm. and I wasn’t feeling great. I live with a couple of people, and they are really fun to be around, but in that mindset I could have easily been impatient. There were tons of moments I could have said no to God. But there were also moments where I should have said yes and spoke out really nice things in passing instead of staying silent – which oddly enough is a no to God.

The people in this world already live in hell. We don’t, because we have Jesus. He has pulled us into heaven and given us life. But who are we to go around toting that the gospel has to begin with bad news?

The good news is good news. and its always good news. That God is good, heaven is real, and you can have it today.

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