Christians, in fact humanity, is ultra boring.

We can change the world.

We live in a society that apparently has a romance with the utopian ideal of free markets, but they are all built upon the backs of racist oppression. We could change that, we could go on creative adventure through innovating and inventing cool ways and means to actually liberate markets internationally.
We live in amongst a worldview that believes truth doesn’t exist, or that we can make it be whatever we want. And yet we all find security in our justice systems. If we have no truth, there can be no justice, and men and women alike can unashamedly walk into our houses and rape, torture and kill our children. But we feel safe knowing there’s no truth? and therefore no wrong?
We can change that, we can live truth and exemplify its power.
We live lives full of hurt, offense, disability and discontent, and yet, instead of finding conclusions, healing, completions, we find a way to find a false security sitting in our own excrement. We keep living carbon copied days and weeks and years. Insanity. Trying the same thing over and over expecting different results.

We are boring, lazy and inherently dumb.

Get up.
Stop making excuses, Jeremy, the biggest idiot of them all.

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