In Eden, We are eclectic.

Sitting down to read through some of my journal from January this year when i flew into Cambodia. And then i opened up my new journal and i had already written something in the front.

“In Eden, We are eclectic”

We are ultimately free. Inside. But for some reason, we decide to be boring, unexciting and safely boxed in to the same, predictable, favourites.

Discussing with a new friend his favourite music, and automatically something rises up in me a reason why my music is better. I just finished leading some beautiful people through a three month training phase and as soon as I am done, i find reason why everyone else is doing it wrong, OR, why the way i do things i horrid. How some people are better looking, better at music, nicer, easier to get along with. How some cultures are irritating and others are awe inspiring.

I believe it all comes back to the garden of Eden. When we decide not to trust God, we then need to find trust in other things. Safe spaces, comfort bubbles that we convince ourselves are eternally trustable. We forget who we are, we forget who God is, we forget who each other is, and we allow ourselves to be easily beaten because we have set fire to our foundations and so our house falls down.

“In Eden, We are eclectic.”

When we choose to walk in heaven, in Gods will, in the presence, we are able to enjoy and see good in, everything. Because begin to see God. We begin to have His heart. We begin to speak the language of redemption and hear the rescue chimes of the orchestra God plays and weaves into existence.

So when i hear that taylor swift song for the billionth time, instead of ragging on it, and arguing why it is cheap and nasty. OR i could find the pulse, I could find the beauty in her response to experience. Similar to the smells of India, the dust of a construction site, and the joyful dancing outside your door when your trying to sleep,

When we like everything, we get to enjoy everything.

“In Eden, We ARE eclectic”, we choose Jesus and therefore gain so much more then we think.

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