The stupidity of men. – I have a giant ute.

God looked Adam right in the eyes and hit him with some truth. Not a curse, not a damnation, just simple blunt truth.

You will find your security in the work you do with your hands, you won’t feel complete unless you work, unless you protect your wife and children, unless you own a giant ute in your backyard, unless you build or at least own your own house, unless you have a sweet amount of letters after or before your name.

You will find your security in your own strength, in your own influence, in your own comparative awesomeness to everyone else.

God knew it. and it must have torn his heart out. See God, in his majesty, knows that if we find our security in him, then we will be the manliest of men. We will be complete in his love and naked in his clothing. Like we all want to be right? Deep down, completely vulnerable and comfortable with ourselves. But if we take that job on ourselves, we suck at it. We clothe ourselves with masks and multiple hoodies and calloused hearts and, in Australia especially, humour, that cuts everything down in size so we can deal with it easier.

This last week was an interesting one for me. We were doing ministry up in outback Queensland and i kept bumping into young people with a warped sense of manliness. For them, a lot of men father children and then leave, sleep around with heaps of their friends whilst dating them, smoke, wear certain clothing, talk with certain words in prominence, so when I walk in – a bearded, son of a preacher man, who is comfortable dancing on the street and wearing clothes that most in their right mind wouldn’t wear, we clash. We clash mindsets and world views.

It made me think a whole lot. What is Gods view of a man. And sometimes, we are very MAN heavy when thinking about God, because the father is talked about, and the ‘mother-heart’ of God is not.

This weekend i got the privilege of hearing stories from men who find their security in God, and what God produces through them, it was powerful sweet.

But I am slowly concluding that manliness is bigger then what we can pick up with our hands, and the thickness of our beards and back hair.

Simply put – someone once said men are like the father, women are like the spirit (the mother heart). So men bluntly speak the truth of identity, and give us space to repent. The mother heart is crazy and empowers us to do ridiculous things with he comfort and teaching.

A picture?

A photo essay of manliness.

2 thoughts on “The stupidity of men. – I have a giant ute.

  1. one of the speakers at steiger said something great about the idea that women rely on men to be the providor. They asked ‘did God say that?” because really, man or woman, God is our providor, and it’s not a godly expectation to put on a human what God wants us to look to him for. and like you said, it can make someone feel like they fail at something they weren’t meant to be fully taking on anyways. hmmmmmmmmmm

    1. yeh. its funny how that whole part of genesis people take as a curse. but God is just saying – this is true. rely on my please. same with gender roles in a marriage, its not man over women, is man and woman under God.

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