worship Robots.

Gods presence is sweet. So sweet that it clothed Adam and Eve, it heals the cripple, it convicts the sinner, it overwhelms the grieving with comfort, it redeems cultures and builds the kingdom of life.

So what issues in the presence?

Obedience – the simple saying yes to God, the walking where he wants, the saying what he thinks is best to say, the creating life and love and unity wherever we go.

Praise – The speaking truth of God. Telling all around us who He is, what He has done. Believing that praise. Believing who God actually is, walking out and risking off of that truth.

Worship – Giving God worth. Prioritizing hanging out with him, speaking with him, getting to know his heart for things, getting rid of the things in our lives that hurt us and therefore hurt him and our relationship.

There’s moments in the bible where large crowds sing praises to God, there is a large book dedicated to worship stanzas, there have been giant movements of God that have begun out of large prayer and worship times. Moravians, IHOP, 24/7 prayer etc etc. Gods presence enters our reality the more we let him, invite him, make space for him.

So this morning I was talking with some people about the future of the world, how some believe we will run out of oil soon and therefore all bar 1 billion people with die in a freak famine or war over water. and how soon we will all have bionic legs and squirrel suits to fly. Then i described all of the ways my behaviour up until this point means that i could die from a myriad of different cancers. It got kind of depressing until i put a big BUT in.

But I believe we have been created into an open system by a God who loves us and creates life in and around us, so lets get more of his presence here, liberating the masses from death and destruction. But how do we get more presence?


Imagine if we engineered hundred of thousands of robots, that we situate all over the world and their only job is to worship God. To speak truth out over the land, to sing songs of his goodness, his victory, his love. 24/7/366.

Basting, flooding, overwhelming the world with truth on repeat.

What would it change in this world to fill its airspace with loving truth?

Lets say it does something in the spiritual world, the enemy and minions get reminded over and over that they have lost the war. They have no power or authority. It reminds all humans that they have authority because God gave it to them, that they are on the victors team. Truth and love begins to change our worth of each other. If we are all made in the image of God, we are all worth dying for and thus honouring in daily life. Our attitudes start changing, our selflessness begins to increase – watch a world that loves each other more and more begin to innovate and construct life giving inventions and economic structure. Businesses for the sake of businesses for the sake of life and wealth for everyone.

And such world change would usher in Eden. and it begins in worship of the creator and saviour and lover of our souls.

Am i serious about the robots? NO. But i use the illustration to make a point. We have the power in our voices to usher in the new Eden. But when was the last time all the churches of a city got together and spent a day praying and fasting and worshiping our Lord?

never…. right?? because all the other christians do it wrong.

Edit: Buddhists turn wheels of prayer for hours on end. No relationship needed because their god doesn’t exist. So does worship need to be connected to a soul? Or like balaams donkey can the spirit lay on top of robots and worship God on our behalf. As Christ intercedes. Or would worship robots be a senseless clanging to a god that craves intimacy. Worship. Get it done.
How do you worship wrong??


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