Daily Bread.


I woke up,

jumped out of bed

and was just about to go do my usual:

Honey a peanut butter toast with coffee whilst reading a book.

AND God was almost like

“Nope, I need to you to read this other book… in fact, just turn to page 37”

It was not a book i wanted to read now, but… almost out of the room, i stopped and turned to the page. Someone had highlighted something quite specific. A light quote of it is:

‘Utopia is dumb, humans are imperfect, stop hoping for utopia, hope in Jesus, than Christian community will excel.’

I stood there with the book open. God is good. He fits amazing pieces into my life at the right times. I have ALWAYS dreamed of utopia, that’s why communism and Christian anarchy fascinated me for so long. Attempts at getting rid of bad stuff, to have loving people live together, unhindered by apparent evils.

Yesterday i discussed with a friend of mine how we play God by asking each other intimate questions to try help fix each other, instead of just pointing to God. I have struggled most my life through issues with authority because ive always expected authority and leaders to be perfect – a utopian dream land. So, when leaders inevitably walk out in human-ness and sometimes miss the mark of my dreams, i get bitter and offended

So as i left my room thinking about Christian community the puzzle looked a little better. In reality, my leaders all through life have not been “the man” perfect and sunglass wearing. They are friends, friends with anointing and authority from God. Friends that can fail any time they want because i love them as friends. Intimate community shouldn’t be the goal. So pushing for certain gatherings or knowing each other, isn’t the goal. The goal is Gods presence.

A worship leader called Kim walker came to town this week and sung a song about presence, another puzzle piece.

If Gods presence is here, then what are we worried about?

I sat down and ate my toast and opened the book I’m currently reading and bam. first page

‘The definition of love means the presence of justice, provision, integrity and truth.”

Love isn’t utopian, naïve, weak-kneed drivvle. It’s reality, and it’s warfare .Sometimes it has consequences, sometimes it is bluntly true.

Two pages later

‘God NEVER gives all authority over all things to anyone. He is the only one we can trust the that kind of authority and he even limited his control over our lives by giving us free will.”

No Utopia. God is our utopia full stop. We follow no one blindly ever. Except God. Base yourself in spirit fueled reality, not human dream sequences that disappoint when we wake or when someone sets fire to our cloud, sending us hurtling to a painful death thanks to gravity.

This is a funny puzzle piece in my process of what it is to bring heaven to earth. Heaven, is paradise. Christ asked us to walk in our authority and our intercession to bring his kingdom here. But can it be perfect here? Or do we walk in reality, knowing that it will never be complete here until Christ returns? Or, did Christ mean it can be here with his ‘it is finished’?

I like this morning. And i like when God hands me my ‘daily bread’. God has a bread bin for us, that we can take our daily bread from, but sometimes he busts our doors down and hands us the tastiest egg and bacon roll with a triple shot flat white.

Get your daily bread.



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