Big Momma and Poppa.

Are we putting bargains on trial?

Watching films like Food Inc, Super Size Me, King Corn, books like fast food nation show us more and more about our food systems getting ridiculous. To make more profits, we need to cut corners, do things in massive bulk and possibly bribe a few quality standards boards. Burgers cease being a meal and cross over into desert land. Sugar water that makes us feel really good about ourselves, but ultimately destroys our blood sugar levels, teeth and dietary habits come in bigger cups. As seen on this hilarious part of Parks and Rec, businesses don’t think about humanities penchant for ease over wisdom. Or maybe they think a lot. Maybe businesses understand what parts of peoples psyches they need to pull on to get the best fiscal results. The right amount of sugar and salt to get us coming back for more, even tho we know that every time we eat this type of food, we have a food high for a few minutes and then the post fast food depression.

As businesses, we sometimes just get high off innovation, high profit margins, franchising and becoming quite successful. This drunkenness can blind us to humanities good. Which makes sense. And if businesses are good at being businesses why not let them be good at what they are good at.

But who will look out for the children?

Children won’t look out for themselves. How can they, when they are flooded with advertising that tells them that red bull gives them wings. Then sells the wings to them in litre cans. Children are creatures of group agreement. Sub cultures attest to young people finding common ground with groups and then sticking to them like family. Advertising campaigns target these sub cultures with what ever they are selling.

And who in their right mind would not upgrade to a large for a nickel(five cents)? Because on the other side of the spectrum from businesses and profit margins, consumers have worked hard for the money and they want it to last long and buy the most. Sell larger amounts for cheaper and you get the customer coming back for more because it was such a good deal and the large amounts of sugar makes us want more large amounts of sugar. Almost like crack addicts?

Do parents look out for the children?

Maybe. But parents are one step even further down the ‘making money last longer’ line. Unlike children, they have bills and multiple mouths to feed. So family fun feasts for $20, feeds your children wholesome candy burgers and saves you time and money in the kitchen. So, no, parents won’t necessarily look out for their children, because its not in their interest. Unless all parties are very well educated and in a place where they can afford the time and money to invest in avoiding business savvy communication and inputing great time and food into their kids. Then, will parents really bother?

So in one way, business savvy individuals could run ram-shod over the populace, but is that really what we want our nations to look like? A group of people, led and influenced by another group of people who are good at making us give them our money?

Does government or at least an outside source of wisdom, that makes no money out of the outcome of research and knowledge need to be more heavily involved in educating our citizens and even possibly regulating and guiding business practices for the good of the community and humanity as a whole?

Or, is it actually a decision made by every human being, that, irrelevant of the amount of education, restriction and regulation in the world, humans just choose certain things over other things.

Our conclusions can be changed. A little example. Sugar. I have a friend who can’t drink tea without 6 sugars in it. They truly just like sugar. Not tea at all. Growing up in a tea drinking household, my mother was a milk and no sugars, my dad is a black and no sugars tea drinker. So i grew up a milk and two sugars, which has recently changed to milk or black with no sugars. I like tea. I love tea. I also really like black coffee with no sugars. When we are used to milk and two sugars, and we enjoy it, why try changing. Even if its healthier, even if its easier to have no sugars. Similar with energy drinks, if we love staying up all the time, and we love the rush of caffeine, why would we actually learn how to sleep deeper, and construct our lives in such a way to have more fun in less time as opposed to less fun in more time.

In Uganda i ate pork and fish with no sauce, not seasonings and it was different but glorious. In India, we drank our body weight in water, but it tasted like paradise. A ham and cheese sandwich without mayo or mustard can be enjoyed.

My point? Something needs to change in humanities ideals. We don’t need more. We don’t need it to be sweeter or saltier, because there will come a time when we can’t taste anymore, and then who gets to enjoy it? We don’t need to live longer if we aren’t living well now. We don’t need to be unnaturally fit if we aren’t going to go anywhere (like a 4wd that just picks up kids) We don’t need to make enough money to live 20 life times, especially if its going to ruin other peoples lives.

And to make it so that seven billion people can all have enjoyable lives, we all need to recognize and live the golden law ‘do to others as you want them to do to you’ or we need a big momma and poppa who is wise and transparent to guide us into wisdom.

Can we do that ourselves?

 – The wrong kind of naked

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